The consciousness is clear

Niranjan Guha Roy
Motherland France
Now the agitated ocean has become calm, tranquill, vast, luminous, joyful with a surface as a miror reflecting the infinite miracle of God, his eternal drama, his miraculous, existence. There is no more any clash or confusion. I see Him, meet Him everywhere, in everything. There is no need to go anywhere else
My body is too weak too fragile to contain and shelter this grandeur. It falls into a transe, becomes immobile. It has peace and no suffering but has no energy to move or act. But my consciousness is clear as daylight. There is no confusion at the contrary there is an universal love without division. Everywhere I see the Divine in everything, playing with himself. Becoming less He does not loose his divinity. Everything is He, all bodies are made of the eternal divine substance.
There is no more personal choice, nothing to realise except to be constantly with the Mother and this She has accorded entirely
My story ends here.
Sometimes I would like to be surrounded with people loving and consecrated to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. This is the only desir left .

The blank page

Niranjan Guha Roy 1979

The Blank Page

In the last few days, I have been questioning even my highest aspiration. I found there was a possibility of error even in that aspiration, specially when we think of the aspiration in practical terms of life and work. It is quite legitimate to aspire for the Divine Life, for the guidance, and of course if we have not that fundamental will to obey the Divine command or his guidance, then there cannot be any effective spiritual development. But, I find because of the imperfection of our nature (there is so much that has yet to be transformed), we might interpret wrongly the divine will. There is only one effective way out of this problem: that is to reject totally from our consciousness as far as possible all the formulations about our spiritual discipline and work, to become the silence, the blank page, the slave of the Divine, to have no possession whatsoever. We do not say anymore to the Divine what we want to be nor what we want to do, but we put all our life and being and every part of it, all that we are, were and will be in his hands, to his creative vision. If He wants to utilise us as a hammer, be it so; as a boat, be it so; as a lute, be it so; as a plough, be it so. We have no choice, no predilection except for the joy of being fashioned by his vision for his use. Then we see the miracle of a new relation with the Divine, our least responsibility of being or doing is taken away from us. He starts to do with us what his intention has always been for us. The outward work or even our life does not undergo a drastic change, only there is a radical reorientation, one might say, all our past effort has been to arrive at this point, at this zero point of self abolition. Before, we were given orders or commanded to do certain things, now the Divine acts through the surrendered soul, the abolished ego directly. It is He who consciously makes the evolutionary effort that has to be made in order to establish the divine consciousness on earth till one day, even a divinised body will emerge. It is He who through the purified instruments now makes an all out effort to achieve what is possible now under the conditions of the earth. He is concerned at the moment with the immediate step that is possible in the spiritual evolution. What seems possible to realise now is the divine consciousness in a partly transformed body which would be more or less free from disease, decay and decomposition, but not yet free from death. Death will be at will. A long, healthy life in the service of the Divine would be possible. Accidents could be ruled out. These are the immediate objectives possible, but not yet realised on earth in a general way. So seen in this attitude of surrender and self abolition, the work of transformation for realising the first phase of the ultimate divinisation becomes a task, a mission of primordial importance and this is the work that is assigned to aspiring souls. In other words, the Divine wants to use whatever instruments will be able to take this attitude of surrender and self abolition for this purpose. Of course, the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have prepared the way, seen and done everything to make blossom the supramental evolution, inevitable and absolute.


souvenirs – Hymn to the Mother Divine

Niranjan Guha Roy – Sri Aurobindo Ashram – 1979
In our search for the Divine we set an ideal of all beauty, absolute felicity, all power and a total knowledge, all these usually combined in some known form of incarnation, or some divine Personality described in the spiritual Scriptures midst legends and traditions, Still, the Divine remains a mysterious personality, There are always some fears and doubts. We do not have really full confidence in his absolute goodness, love and wisdom. We are fearful of his all-mighty power. The Divine seems to be sometimes too great, too splendid, too high to be approached. The past Incarnations do not help much for they are too far away, too much clothed in myths and legends to be fully credible.
To me, the Divine was really something nebulous, a mixed image of doubtful reality, a Person who always remained distant and awesome until I saw the Mother. In Her, and through Her, I saw the face of the Eternal who is all-truth, all-goodness, all-beauty and felicity. I saw the majestic nobility of the Divine. I understood why when He incarnates himself among the human beings, He is always a King, a Prince, a Queen, a Princess by the very aristocracy inherent in the divine soul. I understood why the Divine is called the Healer by watching and experiencing the Mother. How She healed in an instant, by a mere glance of that captivating felicity the wounds and pangs and the accumulated suffering of ages in a soul seeking her healing touch. I know now why the Divine is called the light, the supreme light, the supreme understanding and wisdom.
I went to the Mother and laid before her my whole being full of perversity, violence, hatred, jealousy and impenetrable darkness. Not a single syllable of reproach, not even the slightest sign of distrust or dismay in her face. A radiant, all compassionate smiling sun took me in her intimate embrace and all became pure, tranquil and grateful. We have only read in Scriptures, in fairy-tales that the Divine is all merciful and forgiving. I had my doubts. How can He forgive me for my enormous obscure thoughts and actions in my consciousness, I who have crucified the Divine a thousand times in my blind violence during periods of utter inward rebellion? With the hell fire burning in my heart, I have approached the Mother. Nothing is hidden from Her, She saw the fury in me and in a casual way as if nothing had happened She said to me ” Play the violin, it will give you peace” Not the violin but her words of utter understanding, utter forgiveness, Her words of an unimaginable magnanimity gave me the felicitous taste of peace for which the souls aspire. I have understood now why the Divine is called the Bountiful, how He alone can bring to us all the wealth of nature and earth and the spiritual domains. The Mother has poured her nectar in my heart, transformed the poison that was in it and made it a running fountain from which her sweetness flows silently over the barren rocky, rich and fertile soils without preference, without choice, with its delight of existence and fulfillment. We have read in Scriptures that the Divine is seated in the mystic center of the heart in the solar plexus. There is hidden in that sanctuary the rose of God. Yes, it is true, her Presence and perfume, her sweetness and her light flow out from that center and inundate the whole being in order to transform this insensitive mind into a divine substance. It is said in the Scriptures that the sleepless power, the Transcendent Divine, the Eternal, the Supreme Shakti, the Supreme Power, Para-Shakti, the one original Power is housed in the thousand-petal lotus at the crown of the head. Our Rishis and Seers are absolutely right, the Mother has broken the golden lid, that separates our life from the divine life, the intellect from the sun of truth: not by any human effort or tapasya could this ever have been achieved. Now I know, She is the Eternal, the One and the Original Power, Adya-Shakti. She has revealed to me in Her and through Her the most sublime form of the Creator, that supreme light which She ever is. ” She is, She was, and She will be ” is a very ancient declaration but more true is her proclamation in Devi Parana ” I alone exist in this universe, who else is there apart from Me” The Mother has revealed the true face of the Eternal. She alone is and there is no one else. This ceaseless mystic procession of myriads of names, faces and forms is her triumphal march through eternal time. There is only one being, one will, one existence and one single rapture of movement. It is only through her grace, her infinite compassion that we have been permitted to see, feel and know the Divine as He is or as He has been experienced by the great Seers and Rishis throughout the ages. It is She who has made the Divine Presence real and concrete in our consciousness. It is She who has brought us out once for all from the chaos, disorder, agony and frustration, unrelenting struggle and conflict within and without by revealing to us the true face of the Eternal. Having seen Her, we have seen and above all felt the Eternal, the Friend, the Guide, the Mother and we have entered into the constant vision and awareness of the Divine who forever is everything, everywhere.
Blessed be the sacred name of the Mother Divine, so humble, so simple, so magnificently Divine and who is always now present and real to our consciousness. Without Her we have no reality, no existence. Her name is truly written luminously on each petal of rose. O Mother Divine Thy love and benediction for one and all forever and ever.
Niranjan Guha Roy playing the violin

personal message from the Mother

Peace, peace, harmony
The supramental needs for its work a peaceful and silent mind.
La conscience supramentale est consciente du tout à la fois et au dessus des contradictions
C’est dans la conscience supramentale que chaque chose peut prendre sa vraie place
Paix, paix, paix
Suprême Harmonie
Love, Blessings
Supramental Peace
The Mother

The Destiny

Niranjan Guha Roy 1979

The Destiny

Destiny is a ruthless despot who rules the life with an iron hand and drives the being through dangerous and difficult adventures of life, which no individual will undertake willingly. It drives us mercilessly without respite through fiery ordeals, devastating circumstances, and colossal blunders, towards the goal which it only knows. The individual grumbles, fights and wages a war against his own destiny. He is crippled, exhausted and often falls to pieces, for destiny is far stronger than the individual. Destiny has but one goal: to make us grow in consciousness through bad and good, evil and sordid, ugly and monstrous events and circumstances. All the infinite experiences of life are fuel for this fire of purification and growth. As long as we resist the decree of destiny, as long as we revolt against its rule and sovereignty, we are miserable, desperate like hunted animals, like prisoners chained in tenebrous dungeons. The first awakening comes when we no longer fight or revolt against destiny, but learn to accept its overwhelming power over our life. Even if we have to grind our teeth in surprised indignation and anger then comes a greater illumination of quiet acceptance and a resigned contentment. Yet, there are many, many souls, who right from the beginning do not fight destiny, but collaborate with it, in a blind and ignorant way, sometimes in a more conscious way. For them the journey is relatively easy. Dangers and difficulties and catastrophes are there for them as well, but like the well informed captain of a ship, he knows the dangers and knows too how to handle the ship in such a crisis. He knows the dangerous currents, the reefs below the surface of water and keeps well away from them. Gradually the individual once revolted, as well as those collaborating, become aware that the destiny is the auspicious master and guide, the most infallible teacher, the most reliable friend. It is no other than our own soul, one with the Divine, the Supreme. This is the deliverance. We are no longer hounded and pursued by the horde of lions to keep us going, but ourselves we choose to follow with enthusiasm, love and confidence, the magic call of the flute. Every time we respond to the call, a greater intimacy is established between our soul and ourselves, between man and the Divine. Every response brings a greater revelation, so much of our blindness, so much of our suffering leave us forever. The cruel, relentless driver of our life, the dreadful face of destiny now is the unforgettable, auspicious, most beautiful, thrillingly ravishing face of the Eternal. Man, by his own strength, can never go from ignorance to light.
O Lord, lead us from darkness to light, from division and falsehood to truth and oneness, from death and suffering to immortal bliss.

The walls of my inner chamber

Niranjan Guha Roy
The walls of my inner chamber are adorned with portraits of Avatars,
Prophets and divinities who have inspired men to realise the impossible,
Who have unlocked the doors to my hidden soul, kindled a heavenly fire,
Removed the heavy resisting stones sitting on the springs of my life.
An image of the Budha plunges me in an ageless deep serenity.
In a painting of Durga, I feel the invincible power protecting
The pilgrims on the razor-sharp dangerous path of yoga.
Resplendent Kali with her boundless energy, ready to strike the enemies of Truth
Forcing us to be strong and sincere, assures the seeker of the final victory.
The Christ still hanging on the cross is a constant terrible witness
Of the violent human nature and the beasts we harbour in us.
Krishna, the friendly Godhead draws the souls towards a world of bliss
By the enchantment of his flute heard in the silence.
Lakshmi, the opulent Godhead opens the sealed domains above
Of sublime beauty and floods our being with celestial harmony.
The eternal snow-covered Himalayas remind me of Shiva in meditation.
Every time I look at Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, I meet my absolute Master.
The unattainable supreme Grace has come in twin bodies to divinise the earth.
Their portraits become an open door to meet the marvellous Presence,
The wonderful Love whose touch in a flash changes
The tragic episode of life into an epic symphony of delight.

The humanity to come

Niranjan Guha Roy

The humanity to come

There is a supremely conscious power of Truth at work in the earth consciousness. This Truth, this light of knowledge, this force of true and the right will is infinitely superior to the highest spiritual light in the mind that the earth has ever known. It is working powerfully to create a new earth, a new heaven of divine existence here on this earth. Under its power and influence a few exceptionally developed souls may rise to the levels of the truth consciousness which are practically inaccessible to the general humanity even to most of the spiritual aspirants, for very few souls in evolution are yet ready to receive and bear the formidable and crushing descent of those sovereign forces. But what is possible and generally practical is a new spiritual orientation of the whole race, at least of a good part of it which is much moved by mental ideals of perfection, unity, harmony, peace, the ideal of a noble and beautiful constructive life. The emergence of this enlightened humanity will solve most of the social, political and psychological problems and prepare the way for a divine government of the world. There are some signs by which we can recognize this, mentally luminous emerging humanity. These signs are at the same time pointers or directions towards which the idealistic human soul must move to arrive at some sort of satisfying spiritual harmony of the total being.
According to the spiritual psychology, each human being has 4 distinct parts or sheaths. First we have the material sheath – the body; then the vital being or the vital sheath, the life part in us; next we have the mental sheath of the mental being, the mental envelope in us; and finally the soul element and the psychic being around which the whole personality of a human being is constituted. According to the mystic traditions, the soul or the psychic being is the immortal part in us, our true being that grows from life to life in stature, capacity and in its dynamic power. All our aspiration, idealism, all that is noble and high, good and beautiful comes from it. The evolution is essentially the growth of the soul clothed in a mental, in a vital and a material sheath in the terrestrial existence. By its influence and power, it makes conscious these various sheaths progressively. ‘The psychic being has a natural aspiration for the Divine Truth, for the true consciousness, for the supreme beauty, for the supreme good for the union with the Divine. In proportion, as this aspiration becomes stronger and stronger, the human being strives to lead a more and more true spiritual life. This soul acquires a certain universal awareness and develops a supranational, international spirit. The mind is free, progressively from prejudicial and circumscribing views. The well being and love of humanity as a whole become the basis of the individual consciousness. This view or more truly this deep feeling comes from a spiritual perception of the Divine Being who is all, from a sense of an underlying indivisible oneness from a perception that each human being, potentially, contains the Absolute of the absolutes. The vital being responds more and more to beauty, harmony, elegance, nobility, simplicity and purity and rejects more and more cunning, cleverness, duplicity, diplomacy, depraved desires, hungers and tastes. There grows in the being a disgust and finally an incapacity for doing acts of sheer cruelty, violence and perversity and all sordid and macabre inclinations and propensities, a natural recoil from uninhibited frenzy of sexual activities, gluttony and debauchery and mean and misery existence. There grows a capacity to serve and obey as opposed to the desire to command and have sway over people and nations. The leadership becomes not the fulfillment of an ambition, but a trust and a responsibility, a delegation from Above. The individual waits on the Supreme. He executes, but does not initiate. “Thy Will be done” gradually assumes a deeper meaning in life and there is a growing eagerness to listen to-the voice, the inner command or the true inspiration. There is an anxiety full of love to be able to obey the master, the teacher, the guide, the friend, the Mother Divine. There grows in the being the need for direct experience, true and tangible contact with the Divine Reality concrete experience of the Divine Presence. The mind is no longer satisfied with mere words, theories, spiritual romanticism and imaginations or information contained in sacred books. The heart will seek the proximity, closeness and intimacy of the Divine Being, the body will respond with energy, vigor and a delight in work. When the body comes under the psychic influence, it wants to pray and adore the Divine in a very physical way, primarily by working with the body. One wants to grow flowers for the Divine, cook food for the Divine, build a Temple for the Divine, do a statue or a painting, one wants to sing with one’s voice one’s love for the Divine. One wants to play the musical instruments, one wants to dance in adoration, one wants to do acrobatics, gymnastics, juggling with the body. All physical acts, even eating, breathing, seeing, hearing, touching, sleeping, walking, etc., are affected in a positive way by the new growing consciousness.
As we grow in consciousness, we try to find a work and activity or activities, which give us an opportunity to grow more and more towards our ideal. Our action come closer tour inherent capacities, our inmost nature. As we grow more and more under the influence of the psychic being, we grow as well towards the fullness and integrality of our being. There is less and less conflict, confusion and division in our being and there is a growing harmony not only in ourselves but with the world as a whole, with the entire creation. We begin to perceive the Divine as the sole existence, all these infinite manifestations, the single undeviating love and will, the single and eternal infinite being. Our soul and the soul of all other beings in whom we live, move and have our existence eternally.