Ever unattainable mysterious alluring goal of the soul
Thou art the pole star, silent Guide, infaillible Power, hope of our hope,
Calling us to rise higher and higher and still higher to the skies
And become more and more transparent to the transcendent light.
Mother Eternal, Mother Divine, Thou hast decided to manifest
We bow down to Thee
Thy will be done
The hour of God has come.

chris transparence

Quotation Niranjan Guha Roy
illustration Christine Alkov

Remember The Mother


21 February

Remember The Mother, My child

Remember, my child, She is always with you, deep in your soul,
At all hours, Remember, She watches over your life and progress,
With love and care and guide your uncertain steps.

Remember Her wherever you may be in the world.
Repeat her name whenever you have a little time to spare.
She is present everywhere.
To see and feel her Presence, my child,
You have only to switch on the inner Light.
She is inside you, outside you, above and below.
You can feel her love with only a little warmth on your side.

Remember, She will never abandon you even
When you go out of the happy sunlit path.
Remember her love always, She never scolds or punishes,
That is not her way.
She is pouring her love in your heart day and night.

Remember, She is your Mother, Father,Counsellor and Queen.
Remember Her always for She is your closest and dearest Friend.
Hide nothing from Her. Depend on Her for all your needs.

Remember you are her child,
She can never be ashamed of you whatever you do.
Remember Her, She will give you sunshine,
Laughter and joy in life which no one can take away from you.
In spite of your thousand mistakes, hold on to Her,

Remember, Her child can never fail.
Tell Her all your plans and dreams. She is always with you.
Remember, She loves and protect you.
Remember Her when afraid, no one can do any harm to you.
She wants you to be really good, always happy, my child.

Remember, my child
She lives in the heart of all living beings, human and animal.
When you are kind to anyone, remember, you are kind to Her.
Be generous as the ocean,
Fill the world with good thoughts and feelings.
Be straight and simple.
Remember Her always without fail.

Enter your heart to know what She likes,
Remember, never to tell a lie.
She will put within your reach all that is noble and beautiful.
Have the utmost goodwill for all,
Remember, all are her children.

Remember Her for any help
For She is always with you day and night.

Remember, my child,
Your life is worth living only in the service divine.

 21 February remembering the Mother

Poem Niranjan Guha Roy

Galleon of the King

Galleon of the King

Fortunate voyagers on the galleon of the King, rejoice, O happy pilgrims,
Long harassed by storms, hunger and privation, waves of passion,
Hunted by marauding pirates through the ages,
Held up by long doldrums of despair and slack sails of emptiness,
Ensnared by the crystalline bays within coral reefs
Which tear open bare keels with the ease of a razor blade.
Forget, O soldiers, now that the land is in sight
The giant whirlpools, irresistible downward pull drowning all yearning,
Forget the fog, the rain, the sleet, the icebergs and the biting bleak winds,
The dreadful sleepless vigils in face of starvation and certain death,
Efface the memory of the hard sacrifices made to appease an implacable Fate,
Forget the harsh words, secret plots of rebellion against your Pilot Queen.
Celebrate, O chosen delegates, your long ordeals are over.
Land-birds sing an anthem of welcome to our new home.
Dancing bits of green wood, fresh-water weeds and plants
Eagerly kiss the advancing prow of our galleon.
The laughing winds bring an incense offering from the excited virgin fields.
The Dawn writes her message of greeting with the contour of the Eastern hills.
Remember the friendly stars on the way and the trade winds of constant Grace,
The smile of the Sun and the Moon signaling through the crevices in the sky,
The dolphins and the seagulls by daylight and the honk of the geese at night
And your anxious brothers and sisters who wait with trust in your mission,
Remember the mighty ocean that carried you so long on its bosom
And above all the sovereign vision and determination of your Captain.
O happy pilgrims bridle your impatience, stand a while in silence.
Then lower the plank, move aside, give the Queen the right of the way.
She has steered the galleon of the King safely to the other hemisphere.
Watch Her plant on the untrodden soil
The blue and gold banner of New Creation.
Stay and pray with Her in this mystic hour of hope and triumph.
Beyond the fringe of the sand lies the unsullied land of Love’s adventure.
Niranjan Guha Roy - 1960



The  permanent bridge has been completed
The sky and the earth are forever united.
The heart, mental, soul and body
Vibrate under the invasion of felicity.
The Eternal has really occupied the house of life.

Quotation Niranjan Guha Roy
Illustration Christine Alkov

Blossom of Light

blossom of light

Strange Blossom of Light

My soul open thy eyes , watch the long expected birth
Concealed from the vulgar inquisitive sight,
Of the marvellous bloom of tomorrow,
Almost invisible in the shadow of the austere trees
Old as the mountains and self assured of their immunity.

Watch it open silently petal by petal unsuspected
In a neglected corner of thy treshold,
Stranger little understood disdained by the wise,
Unwelcome mocked and disowed by the crowd,
The gentle humble guest can hardly lift her head
With the mortal weight of the past in her breast.
The victorious yesterday lives on gloriously for a while
Trembling inside now certain of its death

My soul do not be duped by the faintness of the early glow
It brings in its wake the ocean swell of liquid gold
The end of a perpetual night, the sun that does not set anymore
Unveiled blissful presence of the beloved Mother Divine.

Open wide thy doors to that strange distant light
And nourish with the white purity of inner fire
The wonder bud of splendour in the mire of earth

Niranjan Guha Roy



The Mystic Crypt

The mystic crypt

The Mystic Crypt

A priceless luminous indestructible Diamond,
No, Someone, some Beauty, some death defying Felicity,
Meditating in a hidden mystic crypt down below.
Above, an ocean in turmoil, furious with discontent,
In search of a fire to appease its huge hunger,
Looks up fuming, foaming to the immobile moon in the sky.
A rain of pale blue shimmering sweetness,
Soft, velvety, innumerable gentle streams of tenderness,
Caress the inconsolable agonising violence,
The self-destroying uncontrollable stupid arrogance
Of a stubborn ocean slowly subsiding into a swoon
Of rapture, an ease, a tranquil détente,
A transmuting, regenerating peace brought to a standstill
All the devastating rage, volcanic surge in its depths.
An undulating green blue carpet, spread to the horizons
Happily received the tread of the fascinating Divinity,
Who risen from the inaccessible abyss of mysteries
Now inundated the praying expanses
With Her purifying sweetness.
A fragrant symphony of divine harmony
Climbed to the moon.

The Time Spirit

the time spirit
Time shoots forward like an arrow in flight,
Unable to stop, never looing back, burying the dead on all sides,
Not caring for the hordes of lazy laggards and sleepy souls
Unwilling to move forward, unable to remain in the race.
Apples ripe today, rot tomorrow and must be thrown away.
What is good now proves a shackle as we move on.
Nothing, no one can be brought back to life.
Every second brings a wholesale change.
Nothing will ever be the same!
Familiar faces, animals, fowls, fishes, winds, currents, boats and planes,
Trains, cars and trucks, water down the bridges have moved on.
The sun, the moon, the planets, galaxies and quasars on their tracks
Have changed their position, their mutual relation.
Museums, tombs, statues and historical monuments
Prolong the memory of the laughter, sad and happy tears,
Triumphs, struggles and dangers, hopes and fortunes of mankind,
Slowing down the impatient rush of time.
Time, the merciful destroyer, Time, the prophetic creator,
Is perhaps only an expert cinema operator!
The story unfolds, the past and the future dissolve,
Merge for a fleeting instant in the present
On the shifting screen on the backdrop of eternity!
The future rises from a pregnant void, half anticipated,
Dances in the limelight of the present stage,
Then vanishes in a nosedive forever in the unmanifest!
O Time Spirit, I shall not be fooled by your mystery play!
There is no coming, no going, no sunrise or sunset
Time has ceased to tick, nothing moves anymore.
The Power is still, immoblile felicity, the motionless Self
Kali is dreaming in ecstasy on the lap of Mahakala in trance
The near dissolves into the far and out of the distant mist
Comes rushing to meet the present, like a faint point of light
That grows at each moment into a marvelous colony of stars.
The rat running through a long twisted tunnel of crazy time,
Through a thousand subtle mutations emerges as the thinking man.
Man too is forever on the run, unable to rest, goaded by time.
Every step forward takes him to a destiny beyond the reach of his mind.
The transient clay image of man hides a blissful Godhead of immortal beauty
Who waits his hour like the magnificent butterfly in a miserable caterpillar.
The unending movement rests on the flame-steady Will of God.
Niranjan Guha Roy

The Force Divine

danse hail to Thee

The Force Divine

Hail to Thee, benevolent Force Divine, auspicious rain,
Thy fountain of radiant joy, Thy cloudbursts of luminous energy
Fall on the praying meadows, on the shriveled up vines and tendrils,
On the burnt-out shrubs and trees, temples in ruin,
On the pebbles and shingles, on the bare rocky slopes,
On the faint etiolating hopes,
On the quivering silver-streak of a dried up stream,
On the drooping sunflowers tired of a long penance of standing.

Hail to Thee, river of Peace, cascade of Silence.
Migrating tribes crossing the desert, birds in flight, cornfield in torment
Drink with a million lips Thy purifying torrent of limpid delight.
Smothered with Thy kisses the leaves tremble in mute ecstasy.
The wild roses run amuck and cover the fields faster than the weeds.
The green moss fondles the stones with velvety tenderness.
The wilderness turns into a fervent iridian prayer with a drop of Thy Grace.
The lotus raises its head through mud-cakes changed into a turquoise pool.
Blessing of the unseen gods, honey from the emerald island of the Blue Seas,
Maddened drops heavy and fine, fiery sparkling wine,
Scorpion stings of liquid flame.
Vehemence of the Spirit, delegate of the Infinite, keen shafts of Light,
Relentless greyhounds seeking out the brutal instincts in order to kill,
Celestial perfume filling up the inner aisles with frankincense purity,

O Force, bring Thy swift and violent current of merciless rapture divine,
Blinding showers, roaring hurricanes, mountain-high waves,
Immense lightning strokes cleaving the towers of darkness.
Blow up the armoured shell of our ignorance into a myriad fragments,
Shatter the vainglory of an illusory independent existence.
O passionate Lover,
Crush Thy beloved in an iron embrace sweeter than death,
Take her for honeymoon to bright dimensions packed with dense Light.
Come down,
O foaming torrents, blue, green, orange, shimmering pink and violet.


Poem and photography - Niranjan Guha Roy

The Red Barren Hills

The Red Barren Hills

When the rains come, the red barren hills
In no time become emerald green,
Covered with grass, weeds, plants, flowers and trees.
Ants, bees, butterflies and a thousand other insects
Crawl, hop and fly attracting birds and animals
From near and far, creating a stir of noisy life.
When the wind of Grace passes over a burning planet,
Little by little, the fire goes out, water appears,
Announcing the million guests of life.
As from a seed, grows the tree, so too the earth
Reveals all the hidden treasures, she holds in her bosom.
Each star, each planet, each atom of this universe
Is made of an extraordinary, fertile spirit-substance,
Contains in essence worlds of inconceivable Wonder and Beauty.
Each handful of earth pulsates with the heartbeat of the Lord.
When the hot wind blows the gardens dry up, crumble into sand.
With the coming of the rains, blooms appear from nowhere.
The earth-drama is a perpetual repetition, delightful replay,
Of God’s unfolding glory with constant variations.
In distant corners of this immeasurable universe
Other earths are waking, flourishing and falling into sleep.

The seed develops into a tree; the tree retires when tired into seed.
God recovers His memory and then after ages of enjoyment,
Plunges into oblivion, into His unfathomable trance.
Red barren hills or emerald green hills or silence of the void,
Are God’s whims, His musings, fanciful dreams and reveries,
His manifestation or sleep in His own being beyond creation.
The seed becomes a tree, man shall be immortal and divine.
The human soul climbs a step daily to God’s summit.

When the Mother Divine opens our inner eye by Her magic touch,
Then and then only
We see God’s million bodies and faces everywhere.


Niranjan Guha Roy -1992

The Wonder Spirit

chris waterfall
O Wonder Spirit of beauty, joy and harmony
Strip away from our heart, mind, body and soul
The hard layers of ugly violence, endless cruel suffering
And release the dancing fountains of sparkling song and laughter

Quotation Niranjan Guha Roy
Illustration Christine Alkov