To the Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Om Douce Mère, may we remember constantly with love and gratitude all that You have done for us, all that You have endured for us, all the poison You have swallowed coming from us, all the sublime sacrifices You have made in order to protect us and lead us on the path of Truth. May we too, in our turn bear and endure as You have done in order to help our brothers and sisters in distress, in their struggle for a higher state of consciousness. May we remember the supreme sacrifice You have made in order to help us until Your body fell totally exhausted, bruised and fatally wounded, drowned in the sea of poison we poured on You. Can we ever be pardoned for our cruelty and insincerity ? Do we deserve a pardon ? We can redeem ourselves only by offering ourselves to be Your faithful slaves happy and fulfilled for eternity.

Om Sri Aurobindo, may we constantly remember how both of You burnt as torches to the end in order to illumine the road to the home of Truth and Felicity.

Niranjan Guha Roy

Meditation on the psychic being

As long as man lives in the ordinary mind however brillant he is a victim of ignorance and suffering.

Each human being has a psychic being deep within him in the lotus of the mystic heart centre.

The psyche is a portion of the Divine as such in direct communion with the divine Consciousness

Mind has no sure knowledge and is driven by ego. It cannot realise unity for it does not see the One in all existence

The psyche is an expression of the One and the sense of oneness unity and harmony is normal to it.

By the discovery of the psyche and not by any outer means can man achieve unity in himself and the world.

The finding of the psyche is the foundation of the yoga of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

The psyche cannot govern life, mind and body if the seeker leads an ordinary mundane existence.

The seeker must be sincere in his quest for Truth, fully dedicated to the Divine, totally disatisfied with the normal human life, willing to do whatever the Divine wants for him.

As his surrender will grow the Divine Mother will pour in Her light and Force in the being and She undertake the yoga of transformation in the seeker.

When the seeker will be in union with his psychic being the Divine Mother would use him more and more as Her instrument for Her action in the world

As the psyche will manifest the Presence of the Mother, the Divine, the One, the seeker will live more and more in a luminous peace and harmony and a growing revelation of beauty and ananda.


Niranjan Guha Roy 1996

The supramental force

When we shall see only the Divine in all, everywhere eternally then this power can work through us for creating a new world. The Supramental is the supreme creative Force of harmony, love, beauty, unity and divine bliss. It will gradually cover the whole earth by replacing the mental, vital, egoistic powers which rule the world. The supramental works in silence. This world of sorrow and darkness is gradually emerging in the peace, harmony and delight of unity. The aspiring souls who are ready to embody the supramental will be the divine instruments for manifesting the great sovereignty of the divine Love of our Sweet Mother

All is God. There is nothing else anywhere at any time except God, the Eternal, one Existence, one Being, one divine Felicity, one Light, one Power.
The earth manifestation is the self-expression of the Supreme One. The material universe, the earth matter is the dynamic living body of God. All that exists here is made of the same divine substance. We are made from the substance of God. The matter contains incalculable, inexhaustible riches and splendors of the Divine. Everything here is His manifestation carried out by His Power Mahashakti, one with Him, the Eternal. The least movement is organised and executed by Her as a vast unfolding, unending divine symphony. There is no error, no deviation, no false step; all is faultless, smooth, unfolding of inconceivable beauty and charm of the ever-unmanifest One.
The Mother and Sri Aurobindo are no longer in a material body but they are constantly at every moment everywhere carrying on the transformation of the present world and manifestation of the divine life on earth.


Niranjan Guha Roy 2005

The line of no return

We have to come to a point where all our values are radically changed. We have to cross a line of no-return. The spiritual ideal of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo has to become profoundly real for us. There has to be an irrevocable break where we do not find any affinity with the human world. A total consecration to the embodiment of the divine Consciousness should become the only aim and preoccupation in life. Any project or plan loose their interest as if there is no time to waste. Too often, our life is made up of half-measures. Only a fundamental change in the consciousness is the sole worthwhile pursuit in life. These long excursions in various human activities lead nowhere. Unless the human consciousness is basically transformed, really nothing much is achieved. There has to be a new approach, an exclusive concentration on the development of yoga – union with the Divine Consciousness. Nothing less than that is satisfying. There is necessarily a change in the outlook of the work. Very few people have a real understanding of the process and discipline required for the attainment of the aim of Yoga. If we observe the life of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo attentively, we become aware how they consecrated every moment of their existence only for bringing God in the lives of aspiring souls.
Transformation of this unhappy earth into an unimaginable world of light and felicity, beauty and harmony, love and unity is no longer a mere hypothesis or possibility but an inevitable divine destiny. The sapling of paradise is yet very tender and young on the earth soil. All the events are shaping the oneness to come by breaking down systematically all egoistic and sectarian barriers.
Let us join our prayers for the constant victory of the Mother Divine.
Niranjan Guha Roy 1992