The Fragrant Rose

The Fragrant Rose

la rose parfumée

The essence of joy and beauty, I offer to every traveler.
I am a fragrant rose, every petal carries the name of the Lord.
Free as the wind, my spirit flies through the borders created by man,
And the quicksands and unstable banks of the powerful rivers.
The artist in me admires the supple movements of the black panther;
The wild goose white as snow brings me news from the distant lakes.
In a slanted eye I discover the ancient magnificence of the dancers of the court
The soothing beauty of statues of matt copper raises my soul.
A ray of light makes the coal and the opal shine equally.Read more

The Benedictions of the Mother Divine

la Mère benit la terre

Forgetting past and nightmares
The earth smiles and cries with joy
At the blessed feet of the Mother Divine


The healing compassionate hand of the Mother

Healing compassion




The Divine Grace enters in the life of men as the supreme Benediction

It is the gift of the Mother Divine for Her children.


Paintings and text - Niranjan Guha Roy

Mother Divine, lead us

O Mother Divine, take us
From impermanence to the permanence of the Spirit.
From death and disillusion to immortal divine existence.
From broken discontinuous music of life to the ever unfolding supreme divine Symphony.
The unending play of the One with His incalculable selves through Eternity – His Lila.Read more

All existence is an adoration

Our soul has become a vast Matrimandir.
All existence is an adoration of the Mother Divine.

All effort, all accomplishment an offering to Her who has come.
She the Mother Divine eternal, immeasurable, supreme Love
Is installed there permanently.
Sing and dance the glory of the Mother Divine.
Everything has become an immense ascent
Towards the luminous, joyous summits of the Mother Divine.
Every being, every object irresistibly climbs towards the Mother Divine
Attracted by Her boundless Love which does not make any distinction.
What a happiness Thou has promised to all the beings in manifestation.
Come take possession of us entirely, absolutely, irrevocably.

My soul has become an eternal Matrimandir
Where all the beings who will recognise Thee
Will sing and dance Thy glory.


Niranjan Guha Roy