Meditation - The Divine Presence

May Your sovereignly benevolent Will be realised by the manifestation of a world of truth, peace and divine harmony
May our surrender become total, perfect without any personal preference.
All is eternally the Divine, one and infinitely multiple. Each one is Thyself. You are at the center of each one and all. Whatever be the change, the Substance is always the same.
Om tat satRead more

A glimpse of the being to come

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have come on earth to create a divine race endowed with the supramental consciousness and not to perfect the life of man. This new race of divine beings has another consciousness not only infinitely superior to the most enlightened mental consciousness but very different from it.Read more

Meditation-God is all

God is all, All is in God, each and everyone, everything is God.
Whatever may be the form or nature, inert or active, disguised, masked
Hidden or partly revealed, sleeping or awake, now, yesterday, tomorrow,
Near or far, dead or alive, all existence visible or invisible or extinct,
All is the Divine, sustained by the Divine, inhabited by the Divine.
If there is a Nothingness, a Void, a Nihil, that too is filled with the Divine.Read more

A divine life on earth

All the religions and even most of the traditional yogas have declared that the life on earth was an unbearable, untransformable suffering and that to be liberated from this suffering, we must seek a heaven elsewhere or an extinction in some absolute. In death and flight from the earthly existence, we shall find true relief and happiness.Read more

A blessed year


May 2016 be a blessed year for the entire earth