A divine life on earth

All the religions and even most of the traditional yogas have declared that the life on earth was an unbearable, untransformable suffering and that to be liberated from this suffering, we must seek a heaven elsewhere or an extinction in some absolute. In death and flight from the earthly existence, we shall find true relief and happiness.
Sri Aurobindo and the Mother propose to us that there is no need to seek a heaven, a liberation or an extinction elsewhere. There is a state of divine consciousness, the Supramental far above the highest spiritual consciousness realised by man, the mental being, and that the very substance of that supreme consciousness is the unalloyed inalterable immortal bliss, ananda. If by practicing the integral yoga we could rise to that state of bliss, beyond the highest reach of mind, or if we could plunge in the deepest cave of the mystic heart where dwells the Mother of all delight and transform all our ignorance in the mind, life and finally the body by the influx of the supreme bliss, then there would be no need to quit this life of intolerable suffering.
But to rise to the heights beyond mind or dive into the fathomless depths of the heart is not an easy task, on the contrary it is an extremely difficult and dangerous adventure. Those who turn away from the world cannot help others or the world to find the bliss here on earth. If we aspire to create a heaven here on earth, then we must make the supramental realisation our sole aim in life. Our surrender to the Mother Divine must be unconditional and absolute in the end When we shall be fully possessed bv Her blissful presence, then She Herself will help and guide and lead aspiring soul towards the supramental Realisation. As our surrender will grow, we shall feel Her bliss sustaining us in our difficult adventure more and more. Suffering and bliss cannot live together like the day and night can do anymore. Her smiling blissful Presence all the way in the yoga makes the impossible dream of a divine life on earth not only realisable but a concrete reality.


The Noble Lady

Painting and writing – Niranjan Guha Roy