A new race on earth

Most people seem to be satisfied with the life as it is, a play of truth and falsehood, kindness and violence, dark dangerous nights followed by sunny weather, lean days and fat days. They complain a little. When the ship is on fire, they are terribly upset. There are acts of heroism and sacrifice. Then soon the unhappy episode is forgotten and the merry-go-round starts all over again. People live in a state of dull, passive acceptance of a life so hopelessly obscure and miserable, much similar to the deer who graze contentedly within the sight of lions tearing and eating another unfortunate deer. There is a general apathy. When the things become intolerable, people revolt. The old order seems to break down and a new order is proclaimed. But soon one discovers, nothing fundamental has changed. We are back to the same old unsolvable problem. Did the monkeys realize the poverty and precariousness of their lives? Even now the monkeys seem to be quite happy with their way of life. Yet man has appeared on earth at least a couple of million years ago. Now they dominate the earth. One should say they populate the earth.
Is it possible that another race, entirely new, though resembling man in his outer appearance has appeared on earth? Maybe the new race is not so visibly different, maybe they are very few indeed. They have a totally different consciousness, what may be called the beginning of a divine consciousness. If that is true, then the present humanity in a great measure has become an obsolete race having little use for the evolutionary Power at work. These new beings carry an inner fire, which in the Vedas is called Agni.
The evolutionary preparation for the appearance of the new race has been going on, at least, for the past thirty thousand years of the known history of mankind. The Vedas give the early yet the most definite nature of the Divine consciousness and the divine man. The evolutionary drive for the creation of the new race has followed its own pace, sometimes slow, sometimes rapid. The main work of the spiritual development seems to have been concentrated in India from the most ancient times.
Here came the destined souls, carriers of the sacred fire. The destined souls still lived in a house of clay, a physical being very human in nature. In other words, the casing was not appropriate for the divine soul. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have created a method called the Integral Yoga so that the present contradiction of a divine soul living in a foul and obscure tenement could be resolved.. It is a highly complex psychological discipline little understood, practically unintelligible to the intellect of man, but marvelously clear and supremely inspiring to the seekers of Divine Life. But in practice, it is as if a mountain climber is looking at the Everest from the base camp. It is exceptionally difficult and arduous.
The love, vision and power of the Mother Divine will accompany every seeker in his audacious adventure.


the inner lightThe souls carriers of the sacred Fire
Article and photography – Niranjan Guha Roy