We must get back to the pure perception of the Divine who is the eternal Spirit, who is the origin of all, who is in principle the essential truths of the religions yet far above the limitations of any particular religion. This Spirit has always existed long before the earth was created and shall always exist even if this earth were to disappear.
As man will discover the Spirit his problems will disappear, he will find peace, harmony, unity and a most reliable guiding light in life.

Come closer to my seeking soul

 come closer
O eternal Spirit,
You are present in all space,
You are the plant, the bird, the insect,
The animal, the man, the woman,
You are the earth, the sun, the moon, the wind,
The fire, the ocean and the mountain,
You are the Source, the fountain of peace and harmony.
Sometimes you are so near, I can almost feel your breath,
Yet the moment I stretch my hands to seize you
In a wink you are a thousand miles away.
O Great Spirit,
I hear your voice in the cry of the eagle,
I see your face in the rain clouds,
I feel your Presence in the deep still night.
I can almost touch you in the Fire.
Come closer to my seeking soul.
Give me the power to hear your whisper
When I move through the sleeping pine woods.
Your haunting voice calls me from the laughing cascade.
My wounded soul is healed by your thousand smiles
When I pass through the wind swept prairies of dancing blooms
Is it possible to talk to you even as I do to my sister?
Come closer to my seeking soul.
In Your revealing Light, each form is an icon of Yourself.
Life is a rich swelling symphony of countless pilgrims
Travelling along the broad avenue of peace and harmony.
Such is Your mystery,
Even if all were abolished, You remain undiminished.
O Great Spirit,
You are the head, body and the foundation
Of the impenetrable Reality.
My heart kneels down before you in gratitude,
Inside, outside, above and below.
In the East, in the West wherever I look,
I meet your reassuring Eyes as real as my sister’s,
Far more substantial than any rock-temple, the moon in the sky.
Peace has flowed into my body, life, mind and soul.
In all contacts, I feel your gentle hands.
Everywhere I find my family, my clan, my own people,
The same familiar Person made up differently for the play.
There is no more need of a distant heaven or extinction.
A handful of common sand withholds in it unborn divinities.
O Great Spirit,
My life is now an unbroken song of glory
Pulsating somewhere in the immeasurable spirit-space.
Mystery beyond all existence, you are the resplendent Reality.
My heart kneels down before you in loving adoration.
All faces are Your reflections, countless rays of the original Sun.
All sounds weave the universal symphony of delight
Under the ever shifting wizard fingers of the lone Organist.
You live in all forms, in all dimensions from matter to the absolute,
In all movements, changes, dissolution and transformation,
You are the Truth, the Stable, the Permanent, the Immortal One,
The constant Friend and Companion
In life and death through Eternity.
Niranjan Guha Roy