Faith in the Mother

The seekers of Truth who have chosen Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as leaders, guides, teachers are truly fortunate.
The integral yoga is the ascending path which takes the pilgrim soul to the Home of the eternal transcendent Supreme Lord, the blissful abode of the Mother Divine The journey is extremely arduous, painful and every upward step is backbreaking. The progress is very slow, it is an unpredictable adventure where the route is not known. There is no roadmap or a chart, which we could follow confidently. Something, Someone irresistible, unseen, unknown constantly draws us forward , upward with a sweet magnetic pull. In the darkest night when the houses and the trees are furiously lashed by shrieking winds and the roads and fields disappear under mad rushing waters, when our courage and faith are blotted out, covered by dense clouds of doubt and feelings of being cheated, duped and abandoned, Someone mighty and smiling holds our arms in an irongrip and drags us through mud and slime and death to the luminous safety of a divine embrace.
No one however powerful or girted can do this yoya, climb to the Home of Truth. We must let go all that binds us to the sorrowful ignorant human life and allow ourselves to be pulled, dragged, carried, hauled, forcibly lifted, transported, flown, dropped, parachuted in the unattainable hidden garden of immortal divine Felicity. We cannot climb the tremendous peak on our own.
As a rider gives himself to his horse, a pilot to his plane, a sailor to his boat, let us have utmost faith in the Mother, the Omnipuissant Shakti, with Her we are utterly safe in life or death
Once we have handed over our soul to Her She will guard our soul with all Her Power in Her blissful heart, safe and happy forever.



Niranjan Guha Roy 2000