Free us, O Mother Divine

prayerPrayer : Free us, O Mother Divine

There is still so much violence in our natures as You have Yourself commented: men often  likes to destroy rather than transform.We can destroy as our enemies, but we cannot create a new world. To see the Divine, our beloved Mother in all beings and love, worship and serve the Master, our Mother in all beings is the only way to live and act rightly, divinely. To be able to see the Mother at all moments in all beings however hidden, disguised and distorted is only possible when our love for the eternal Mother grows powerful like an exploding star sweeping away all the blind barriers in our consciousness forever. Then we shall live constantly in her glorious Presence filling all time and space where there is no one else, nothing else except the Mother sweet and blissful playing her myriad bodied game. In spite of our ceaseless vigilance, so often black gloomy rushing clouds rise from the tenebrous depths and cover up the consciousness with the smoke, fire and ashes from a belching volcano of violence.

Free us, O Mother Divine from this most disastrous soul-killing movement of anger and violence and uncontrollable cruelty in our nether regions. This terrible surge of blind hatred is the most painful experience of division, separation from our Origin and Source, the Mother. It is such a deadly self-destroying movement that in its rage it turns with furious vehemence against the Mother Herself.

O Mother Divine, only You can turn this burning poison, this violence into a blazing passionate love for the Divine. I bring this most atrocious gift and lay it at your gracious feet. Deliver us forever from all hatred, anger, violence, cruelty, blind forces, children of utter darkness of division and separation, the implacable Asuras.
May your radiant eternal Oneness, your indivisible single Presence, the supreme Reality occupy all our consciousness in our heart, mind, life, body and soul.


Niranjan Guha Roy

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