Listen to the Mother’s call

Mother Divine ,
I hear an urgent call, reveille at Dawn,
A message for Thy children, drums and cymbals,
An order of the day to each soldier on the front,
Summons to courage and decision, great jubilation,
A familiar voice, silver laughter and ringing bells,
Soft footfall of the approaching New Creation.
“O Pioneer of the Gnostic evolution,
Prophetic dreams, hopes and promises
Fulfil. Herald God’s reign. Millenniums await Thy advent.
Carry out My will, cleave new broadways to divine Ecstasy
Through ravines, fields and mountains. Shape Paradise on Nature’s soil .
Die, O Seeker bound to ego, enamoured of vanity, thy star has set.
Forget the charming frailties, burn in the blaze of the New Sun rising,
And be the twice-born, awake to the Reality, the knower of the Brahman.
Assert thy birthright, accomplish thy mission.
Live for Me, by Me and in Me from now on.
Open wide thy spirit to the incoming Light.
Be My instrument, bright and transparent,
Moved by the Truth above
Beyond the dubious circle of reasoning.
I shall embrace the world with thy eyes,
Pour My love on it through thy heart divinised
And from the capital of thy soul convince it
Of lasting peace and harmony, sheer joy of living in the Spirit.
O Mortal, welcome the Eternal in thy frame of body, life and mind.
The Lord has set His saving seal on thy Destiny.
Arise, demand and receive in this supreme Hour of Grace.”
O Sweet Mother, make me, break me, do as Thou wilt.
My whole being lies prostrate at Thy feet.
Deepen our vision of the One Divine, awaken the sleeping Psyche.
Widen the orbit of our flight in the new dimensions of understanding.
Change our faltering steps into spontaneous movements of faith.
Replace our groping and search in a blind alley
With the unhindered vista of revealing sight,
In our sleep, our waking and when the moon is on the wane.
Remould us in Thy truth-vision of the Real,
O Sculptress of perfection and God’s design.
O veiled Bride of Eternity, effulgent Beauty,
Were it only for an instant unveil Thy mystic Face
And lead the soul across the perilous line
Beyond which all is Supreme Felicity.
Preside, ancient Priestess, at the altar of life
And carry to the Master of Sacrifice,
Our humble offering, a chalice of Gratitude
Filled with the yearning for Oneness,
Right to live and love under a golden sky.
Poem Niranjan Guha Roy -1960
Illustration Christine Alkov