Meditation – An all seing Wisdom

Niranjan Guha Roy 1982


There is an all seeing Wisdom presiding over the destiny of each one
And in the last analysis, whatever happens is for our progress.
There is always a greater possibility within our reach
It all depends on our aspiration, the intensity, the eagerness.
If the Divine wants to rise in a soul, nothing can prevent Him.
The decision lies with the Divine.
The more I am in contact with the Divine,
The more I am losing the missionary zeal.
I have no desire to form a community, to force spirituality on the people,
Even to demand a higher discipline of others.
I see the Power at work and offer all our work to Him.
There is less and less any individual initiation of work.
“Thy Will be Done” is a living formula, the dynamic sincere attitude
Now for the practical, spiritual life.
The true spiritual work is more inward than outward.

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