One Constant Theme

Niranjan Guha Roy 1984
Letter to a friend
As you have noticed, I am changing plans as often as the moon changes its position. But all through, there is one theme, which is constant , the body and its transformation to whatever degree possible by spiritual and material means. In the ordinary life nowadays, people have become very health conscious all over the world. It is the sign of an evolutionary progress. It is the result of a new divine Power active in the earth atmosphere. But for us, this is not enough, for the body remains still bound to ignorance, closed to the Divine Power and consequently closed to new spiritual possibilities and capacities. The Divine can be experienced in the soul, mind and the vital. These are now accomplished facts in the terrestrial existence. Now the body has to experience the Divine in a very material way. In any case, first one has to become aware of the Divine in any part of the being, the soul, mind or life. Some people begin this yoga with spiritual experience in their body. The whole of the Agenda of the Mother is a record of her experiences in the body. It is this aspect of the yoga which has the most fascinating attraction for me, as I am a true spiritual materialist. As a matter of fact, my sadhana began with the body and unless the spiritual consciousness is materialised in the body, opening new possibilities and capacities, I feel our spiritual endeavor remains incomplete. On the other hand, I know if our body could become receptive to the great spiritual powers, then almost the impossible is possible. For us there is no choice. We must explore the possibilities, realise whatever is possible at the moment. Our attempt will pave the way for success later on. The Divine Mother Herself is our living guide and the transforming power. Music and dance are only means.
Now perhaps you will understand us a little, why we are always thinking of a Studio of films, dance, and physical education. The body has to be trained, prepared with aspiration and discipline to receive and retain the Divine Force for the effective transformation of the body consciousness. This is the first indispensable step and our preoccupation at this stage.



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