Surrender, the Royal Road

The most ancient spiritual seekers, aspiring souls and mystics discovered through long meditation and profound search for the meaning of manifestation of life on earth and the destiny of human beings that there is a supreme omnipotent absolute all seeing blissful Will which guides, controls, leads, manifests the Divine progressively in the evolution. They also logically came to the conclusion that to follow this supreme Will, if one is in the least conscious of it, was the highest wisdom to go through life towards Peace, harmony, divine felicity and unity of all creation in the Supreme, the One. The Gita ends with the marvelous injunction to the seeker – “Abandoning all dharmas, social, political, religious, ethical and moral laws, take refuge in me. I shall deliver thee from all ignorance, all suffering and lead you to the supreme Truth and Bliss. Do not be perplexed, have confidence in me, listen to my guidance without fear or perplexity, for my ways cannot be understood by limited human consciousness. But I assure you, if you have faith in me, I shall never abandon you.” This is the promise of the supreme law to every human soul in ignorance even dimly aspiring for durable peace, harmony and divine felicity.
But, how to recognize the Divine leading? It all depends on the sincerity, entirely, absolutely on the sincerity of our aspiration. If we seek a guidance of the Lord, the Mother Divine reveals Herself in the most convincing way to the seeking soul. She not only reveals Herself but carries the soul to its ultimate divine fulfillment. In the short human life, the yoga of surrender is the safest and quickest way to feel the constant presence of the Mother in our consciousness. Her loving hand arranges our life in a meticulous way so that we grow by rapid steps in consciousness, vision, strength, power and super human capacities. One need not be an exceptional being to be able to follow the most fascinating irresistible charming, assuring guidance of the Mother whose smallest gesture and act is a supremely benevolent benediction. Whatever She does in our life, with our life, if we have confidence in Her, then even in the most perilous situations and dangers in the divine adventure we will feel an exaltation and a rapturous thrill of Her strong invincible presence and guidance. She is not far away; only an obstinate curtain of our own disbelief and incredulity and lack of faith separates us from Her who is all around us, always, everywhere in everyone and everything. She is always waiting for a childlike sincere call to start Her work of divine transformation of a human soul into a conscious portion of Herself, always safe in Her sweet felicity.
Our surrender to the Mother Divine complete without reservation, without shrinking and fear is the royal road to the Divine life, which Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have undertaken to establish on earth.
Remember the words of the Master, “Have faith in Me, I shall lead you to the divine fulfillment.”
Niranjan Guha Roy 2001