The Divine Mother is pouring Herself in hundreds of bodies.
Unless She comes in, nothing can change, mud will remain mud.
The soul is held prisoner in an animal frame,
even the highest aspiration of man gets choked
In the foul smoke of burning desires in the body cells.
The inner heaven of spiritual glow,
Threatened at each moment by demons at the roots of life,
The perpetual uneasy equilibrium, Spirit foiled by animal,
Has been man’s inglorious achievement up til now.
Now all is changed, the old world will disappear
In a devastating explosion of spiritual splendour.
Her blissful supreme power will transform common earth
Into a luminous substance as yet unknown in the creation.
Day and night the golden flow of the celestial Ganges
Is spreading over the globe transmuting all by its touch.
Nothing will ever be the same, God will emerge,
Discarding his brute-form in a new divine race.
It is all Her play — Heaven and earth will unite
finally vibrate in exquisite delight in a divinised body.
adieu, struggles, sleepless nights, wilderness, death and despair.
Welcome, marvellous dearest Mother, rose, white and blue dreams,
the divine world of mad adventure, love, beauty and whirling symphony.
The role of beast is over, it cannot stage a comeback anymore.
It is falling headlong into an abyss of oblivion.
The unique Mother is descending gently in hundreds of bodies,
Cautiously, so that the frail earthen jars may not get crushed
Under too heavy pressure of Her Niagara-like on-rush.
No demon, no titan or inferior godhead can hold me down anymore.
Today, tomorrow however far, I cannot fail but win the race.
The Mother-Force, the molten gold is pouring down on all life on earth.
The soul looks up to Her alone like the sea to the unbound sky.
There is nothing to fear.
Welcome, welcome, dearest Mother, welcome.


Poem Niranjan Guha Roy
Illustration Christine Alkov