The Divine Will is eternal and present everywhere

The Divine Will is eternal, present and active in every atom of this universe.

It is the progressive manifestation of the infinite Divine in time through appropriate individual forms of an ever-growing consciousness. Even as we grow in our limited consciousness ourselves, we help others to attain what we have gained. This is the natural movement of the Eternal Will. In the Vedas and the Upanishads, this Will was called Agni. In the Tantras, this Will is called the Original Shakti, the Divine Force, the Divine Mother, the Creatrix, para prakriti, Devi. This Will is the dynamic creative Power of the Divine. She has the eternal mission to create the image of the supreme Unknown, Unknowable, Unmanifest in the manifested universe. Having created man on earth, the mental being, She is now concentrating on the creation of the supramental being.
By an intense aspiration we become more and more conscious of the Divine Mother and participate in Her action, the process of transformation. In the mind, the sense of division and separate existence is the dominant feature. In the supramental being the sense of the One indivisible in the multiplicity of infinite variations is the inalterable texture of the consciousness. One is All, has become All. All moves always towards the One.
The mediating power between the One and All is the Supreme Shakti. She is omnipresent, leading each and every one towards the One through the process of evolution. When the soul-personality is sufficiently developed in an individual, then the individual becomes conscious of the action by the Divine Mother and gradually follows Her leading towards a higher and higher consciousness, towards the one or unitary consciousness. This conscious participation of the soul in its own transformation accelerates the natural slow process of evolution and compresses the process of transformation to a few lives or even a single life. This revolutionary movement is properly called the Integral Yoga.
The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have most comprehensively experimented, practiced, developed and realized the Integral Yoga of self- perfection. By following the example set by Them, the seeker of the life divine can attain the supramental consciousness with the constant help of their loving presence.


Shakti and her Lord

The Mother looks at Her Lord
The Lord meditates on His Creation.
In the quietness of pastel colors, the Mystery unfolds itself.
For Eternity, the Mother will look at Her Lord
And the Lord will meditate on His Creation

Niranan Guha Roy

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