Niranjan Guha Roy- Sri aurobindo Ashram -1980
The music can become a prayer of the soul
My music is my soul’s prayer and a vast anthem.
The violin is the soul’s voice, the most intense form of personal aspiration, a soul, singing out to the Divine on behalf of all. The Piano is the trempling of a thousand wooves in a joyous tumult playing and racing unbridled and sometime a turning in circles in a riot of unrestrained joy. The organ stretches out the soul to the Infinity and it becomes the voice of all living creatures of all humanity where the past and the future and the present merge, where arm in arm we all sing and march together to the glory of the Mother Divine and the Lord. When playing the organ, I do not exist. The organ becomes the soaring, mighty, stupendous, oceanic voice of the earth herself with her pangs, her anguish, her struggle, her flaming aspiration, her peace and serenity in face of Infinity in the presence of the Eternal. With the organ there comes a sense of fulfilment, everyone is included, everyone has a voice in that mighty prayer. The violin is the intense personal expression, the piano is the vast, open, unregulated, joyous,turbulent field of life, the organ is the cosmic aspiration and the vast, gorgeous pathways for the secret transforming divinities who are: invited to descent into the dark anguished, narrow and uncertain life of humanity. The organ calls the Heavens down. Music when tuned to the Eternity can magically transform and make blossom the soul yet asleep in an instant. It can break the seal of the unknown and uncertain future and reveal to us our noble and inevitable divine destiny.
I hear a choire, a celestial choire of enchanting, powerful voices. My music now is a pale reflexion of what I perceive and hear with an inward ear.The great Masters were great souls, incarnations of the Godhead of beauty and harmony.
Music at its highest is the mystic body of the supreme Godhead of beauty, harmony, love and joy. Trough music we can feel His marvellous Presence, become aware of its fathomless mystery of love and harmony in a few moments, which through the process of yogic discipline might take years and years to realise.
Listening to the highest music is a meditation.
Paintings Niranjan Guha Roy
The Descent of the Mother
The Organist
The Mother and Sri Aurobindo coming to fetch the soul of the violonist ( last painting 2005)