The Divine Mother, the Creative power of the Supreme
Has undertaken the creation of life divine on earth.
She is fully equally present in the secret heart of man.
Most of the human beings are unaware of Her presence.
The physical consciousness of man acts as a wall,
Very opaque between his soul, the psyche and the outer man.
No human effort however strenuous, even heroic can breakdown
This barrier, this separation between us and the Spirit.
Man is a creation, a partial manifestation of the Divine.
If the Divine Force rises from within and pours down from above,
The psyche is liberated in the mind, vital and the body.
The Soul, the psyche is the immortal being of man, the real man.
Also mind, life and body, every atom of this universe
Contain the psychic element in them, the divine presence.
Matter in its true nature is a spiritual substance.
There is nothing here or anywhere, which is not the spirit
It is verily Brahman, the substance of God, the Divine Mother.
Man is a disfigured, deformed, incomplete image of the Divine.
But man will one day reveal the magnificent Godhead in him.
We live only a few moments in the eternal time, have no vision.
We are impatient, that is why we do not see, appreciate
The slow and long working of the Divine Mother for perfection.
This evolution even at a giant’s pace will take a few good centuries.
If we love Her, wish to serve Her, then by Her Qrace,
We are given the true spiriual vision of the work,
The process of detailed transformation She has undertaken.
Then instead of grumbling, lamenting and revolting
We can collaborate with The Mother and hasten the divine manifestation.
May our aspiration be sincere.
Poem Niranjan Guha Roy
Illustration Christine Alkov