The window of the soul

i soham

When the window of the soul is wide open, then all becomes divine.
There is no conflict, no pain no anguish, no birth, no death
But eternity and an endless infinite play of the Divine
With His million and million selves.
It is all a magnificent stupendous play,
But unbearable, intolerable for long
To our little human consciousness.
The window closes again.
This continues until the day
When the window remains open day and night,
In all seasons, at all times,
When all becomes divine
And the marvelous Mystery is never lost again.
All is the Blissful One, now and ever sleeping or awake.

I looked out on the lake and saw a lotus bloom,
The folded hands of Mother Nature slowly opening
Her fingers in prayer to the Lord, the Eternal.


The folded hands

Niranjan Guha Roy – 2003