Douce Mère – Sri Aurobindo

Niranjan Guha Roy

Douce Mère – Sri Aurobindo

When we invoke the Mother, Sri Aurobindo answers lovingly
To our prayer.

When we meditate on Sri Aurobindo,
The Mother descends in Her mighty splendour.


The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have placed
The highest and noblest ideal before mankind.
They have uncovered the Sun of the supramental Consciousness
In the inner spiritual sky, and the soul is now flooded
With the New Light of the divine Consciousness


You came on Earth to establish the Divine Life here in the material world.
You have taken upon Yourself all the obscurity, violence, cruelty,
Suffering and blindness of the earth nature and transmuted them
Into seas of Light, Power and Felicity and created the firm and stable foundation
For the manifestation of the new divine race.
We, Your children, must not forget for a moment
Your constant luminous Presence in our heart, mind, body and soul.

May we be always lovingly grateful to You
For all You have done for us and are constantly doing for us.
Without Your constant Presence, no transformation can ever be achieved.
The Supramental manifestation is Your manifestation,
Manifestation of the Adi Shakti, the Eternal Mother
In a constantly growing number of aspiring souls.
Glory to Thee, O Supreme Consciousness,
Be our Guide, Friend, Mother and Teacher, Light, Love,
Beauty and Felicity in an ever-increasing intensity.
Pranam, Pranam, Pranam.


All that Sri Aurobindo has written is a detailed description of the path and of the different steps of the ascension towards the Supreme Truth


The peace, the sweetness, the love, the tranqill all powerful will, the absolute knowledge expressed by the Mother during her entire life will be the basic qualities of the consciousness of the race divine


If we seek the guidance of the Lord, the Mother Divine reveals Herself in the most convincing way to the seeking soul.  She not only reveals Herself but carries the soul to its ultimate divine fulfillment.  In the short human life, the yoga of surrender is the safest and quickest way to feel the constant presence of the Mother in our consciousness.  Her loving hand arranges our life in a meticulous way so that we grow by rapid steps in consciousness, vision, strength, power and super human capacities.  One need not be an exceptional being to be able to follow the most fascinating irresistible charming, assuring guidance of the Mother whose smallest gesture and act is a supremely benevolent benediction.  Whatever She does in our life, with our life, if we have confidence in Her, then even in the most perilous situations and dangers in the divine adventure we will feel anexaltation and a rapturous thrill of Her strong invincible presence and guidance.  She is not far away; only an obstinate curtain of our own disbelief and incredulity and lack of faith separates us from Her who is all around us, always, everywhere in everyone and everything.  She is always waiting for a childlike sincere call to start Her work of divine transformation of a human soul into a conscious portion of Herself, always safe in Her sweet felicity.  Our surrender to the Mother Divine complete without reservation, without shrinking and fear is the royal road to the Divine life, which Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have undertaken to establish on earth.  Remember the words of the Master, “Have faith in Me, I shall lead you to the divine fulfillment.”




My heart and soul, all my consciousness prays for the realization of the Mother’s dream of a divine world on earth.  Vasudeva sarvam is gradually becoming a settled state in my consciousness.  There is nowhere any conflict, any discord.  All has become divine.  The reading of the Gita with the words of Sri Aurobindo has opened vast horizons in my consciousness.  I do not know who is Sri Krishna nor who is Sri Aurobindo – cannot separate them.  I have found Sri Krishna in Sri Aurobindo and Sri Aurobindo in Sri Krishna.  We are studying the Upanishads as interpreted by Sri Aurobindo.  Those great rishis seem to be so known to us.  They have said in a few words all that is necessary to know in order to rise into the Divine Consciousness.  But for Sri Aurobindo those priceless treasures would have remained locked in secrecy.  His words are so marvelously uplifting.  When we read the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, we are directly in touch with the Supreme, the Eternal who is our Friend, Father, Mother, our Guide, Teacher and Comrade so near and so loving.  What can ever go wrong, how can we be ever unhappy when They are always with us.   By the action of Grace when our eyes are unsealed, then we live in constant Presence of the Divine Splendour.


The Mother must be our main preoccupation

Our consciousness should be turned towards the Mother. She must become our main preoccupation. When we put ourselves under Her care, then we enjoy the maximum protection in the world under the present circumstances. We must be as much as possible under Her influence and aspire consciously to become what She wants us to become. I have the impression there is no godhead really interested in our highest welfare. It is only the Mother who is uniquely occupied in our spiritual welfare. I have seen Her closely for practically over 30 years and at each moment of Her life, She was engaged in elevating our consciousness. She has not changed and in dreams I see Her engaged in the same way. She is doing the yoga of the world and doing the yoga in each individual. It is our unconsciousness which prevents us from being aware of Her and Her transforming Force. When I am in the true consciousness, She is absolutely concretely present as She was when She was in a body on earth. She is eternally present for in the true consciousness everything vanishes, only She remains absolute, concrete, pervading all dimensions, time and space. She is the timeless, limitless ocean. Waves of creation rise and fall on Her fathomless bosom of love and compassion.


21 February 1985
Today is the birthday of the Mother – Our mantra is Douce Mère
Let us resolve to work for the victory of the Mother in us to our last breath. Let us be humble, sincere patient, and above all obedient to Her Will. Let us reflect purely only Her Light, Her Love and Kindness.
“Douce Mère” is our only mantra. Let us repeat it when we are happy and we shall feel Her most delightful intimate Presence. Repeat it also when we are unhappy or upset and discouraged. She is our Mother and most reliable Friend and Teacher. She will disperse the clouds of sorrow and suffering and Her tenderness will fill our body and soul. She is always there, unbelievably good always ready to help and show us the sunlit way if we would only listen to Her.
Just pray that She may arrange our life as She wants it to be for Her work and delight. To be more and more aware of the Mother is the sole aim of our life. All other pursuits however great or noble are a sad deviation from the path of Truth. To be aware of Her, to obey and execute what She wants is the divine life. Let us remain open only to Her. Then She will pour into our being Her unity peace and joy and gradually transform our life and manifest Herself more and more through us.
To be possessed by Her is the perfection we seek.


The Voice of the Divine

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo speak with the Voice of the Divine and carry the power of the All Mighty. They are ambassadors of the Supreme endowed with his total executive authority. They have been sent on earth with the mandate of preparing it for the advent of the divine race. They have come down armed with the plenary power of the Absolute. In order to raise this fallen race of ours they have accepted our wretched obscure human existence and willingly suffered its thousand ills and torments. There is nothing in our miserable life that is unknown to Them. They have prescribed a permanent remedy, an infallible cure for our obscure, ignorant, sorrowful existence. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo indivisible in their soul and consciousness say with one voice:
To surrender all we are, all we have, our past, present and future, everything to the Divine, to remain open exclusively to his influence, aspire for his presence, his light, power, knowledge, his peace and harmony. Act always openly in their presence and they will lead us to the most wonderful divine life out of this terrible chaos, cruelty and violence, this meaningless unending suffering. Let us have faith in them and our highest spiritual destiny. Cling to them whatever happens and our trust will be justified. They cannot be perpetually indulgent to our ignorant destructive demands and desires. The path of yoga can be compared to the passage of a tornado, all the bonds and citadels of ignorance are blown away and torrential rains of grace clean and transform the consciousness. Sometimes we will curse and revolt and bite the Hand that wants to deliver us from the dungeon in the beginning. But hold on to Them like a leach through thick and thin and in the end our faith will be rewarded. Instead of this sordid earth and the material universe, we will see the Divine, infinity, eternity, the face of God everywhere. His immeasurable, immortal existence will swallow up our little insignificant life and death and release you into an everlasting life. This is what They are doing for us and much more, much more than we can understand. Let us have faith, They are always with us, inside and outside and around. Be simple, follow their guidance, act with selfless egoless divine motivation. In our sincerity if we make a wrong decision, the Divine will rectify the consequences. Every moment is a new opportunity. Errors there will be plenty. If we are simple and sincere there is no danger, no ill effect. Their blessings are always with us. Their love is like a ring of fire protecting us from the forces of darkness inside and outside. As a dog cannot see the Divinity in a stone statue, so too, we cannot see the Divine and his world in the material universe. When we will be ready the veil will be withdrawn and we will emerge into the divine life.


Our Life is an Altar

The Mother has always been to me the Incarnation, the direct embodiment of the ultimate absolute Consciousness and Being. At a time of life when I was desperately seeking a meaning in life, I met Her and the moment I saw Her truly speaking all my problems were solved forever. I knew that She was the ultimate solution. I came here to find the Divine. I was aware of a supreme omniscient Presence but I had no communication with it. I knew that only She could help me to find the Divine. She assured me of her help in my effort to realise the Divine. One day She told me not to depend on her Person but on her spiritual Reality. She never encouraged me to be near her Person in a familiar human way. She told me this She did because She wanted that I should be in direct contact with the Divine. She told me that She was always with me and I was always with Her. As a matter of fact, this has been a living experience with me. Whatever I do, She is sovereignly present in my consciousness. The soul in me had implicit faith in the Mother. Whatever She says is the absolute truth, whatever She does is an act of grace, meant to take us to the divine goal . By the fiery compassionate lightning of the terrible Mother Kali most of the basic ignorant instincts are reduced to ashes. The prison of heart and mind crumble under the assault of the divine force and the soul is released into a vast limitless consciousness of the nameless formless divine existence. When I came here I did not know how to pray, even what to pray for. I had no life. I had no future and I was a stranger to an abiding joy. The Mother has taken over my life, mind, body and soul and I can feel Her transforming force working in me I am so deeply satisfied with Her constant Presence that I have only one desire – to sing Her Glory
.Our life is an altar, a Temple for the adoration of the World-Mother. But for Her, I could not have believed that the Divine is so compassionate and loving.



Mother Divine,
My heart in gratitude bows down at Thy feet.
Against the pink-rose background of Thy Eternity
Each moment is a revelation, each shadow an apocalypse of Thy glory,
A diamond-constellation which shall never appear
In the canopy of heaven till the end of time,
The dream-washed faces we shall never see, the same yet so charmingly different,
The hands we shall never clasp to convey the message of our hearts.
Life is so fascinating, so beautiful and so mysterious,
Half in jest, half in seriousness all is play of Thy boundless Love.
Who is good or who is wicked? None can be neglected.
Behind the veil of our forgetfulness shines the omnipotent Divine in all.
Even the flicker of the eye is a chosen rhythm of His marvelous design.
Children from the infinitudes of His indivisible existence,
We enjoy harmony and strife on this tiny uncharted island of beatitude.
Pageantry of magnificent souls gladly robed with titanic difficulties,
Reverent procession of seers and mystics in the guise of an average humanity,
Nascent pilgrim sparks, moths in love with night attracted by a hidden Light,
Gods and goddesses and Lords of the Earth whom man venerates through the ages
Move silently with folded hands in front of the Dais of the Two-in-One.
Offering their lives in homage, they stay on or pass through the Shrine.
All are blessed for eternities to come in this benign Hour of Grace.
Who can ever reach Thee, Mother Divine?
Active, puissant and immobile, Thou art all around us, within and above.
Pursued Thou disappearest in the far and the wide.
Who can ever contain Thee, Mother Divine?
Like water through the mesh, Thou escapest from the strongest wit,
Yet choosest to abide in the heart of Thy children.
Who can ever know Thee when Thou seekest Thy own self ceaselessly?
Mother Divine, Thou only art, Thou only hast been,
And Thou only shalt be, Origin self-born, Supreme.
In Thee we move and live and have the bliss of our being.
My heart in gratitude bows down at Thy feet.



One Choice only

There is only one choice left to us when nothing in the world can help us – to turn to the Divine Mother and Her infinite Grace. No money can save us. No human being, however powerful and influential, can bring any real help. I do not have any power, occult or spiritual, nor do I have any faith in any god. I don’t know any nor do I care to know one. When things are hopeless, when I see no hope, no issue, one Face appears bright and smiling, comforting and reassuring, simple and loving, the Face of the most reliable Friend, the Mother. Other faces however wonderful fade away as ephemeral passing waves. The whole existence becomes unreal, blurred, only one Face remains bright, shines ever luminously as the only thing real, eternal, unalterable, ever near and intimate in this vast, stupendous changing scene, forever unstable. Even if this Image were a mirage, I would hold on to it. This is the Face of Someone who is unbelievably good, gentle and absolutely reliable, who has no other consideration except our highest good, who accepts us as we are with the deepest love and understanding. In life and death, through all existence, this is the single Face which is permanent, always with us. As we contemplate the Face, it melts into a sweetness and pours itself into our whole being and wipes away all traces of suffering. In a last desperate struggle when we have lost everything, when our body is dying, consciousness is lost in oblivion, in one feeble final reflex action our hand seeks a Hand and finds Hers. She is always with us inside and outside, everywhere. She never leaves us. She never lets anyone down. I am not sure of my existence, my continuity, for that matter, of anybody’s existence or continuity. I am a bubble among other bubbles on the infinite Ocean of vibrating compassion, love and sweetness, that living body of unfathomable Godhead … the Mother. There is no one, nothing in existence in any dimension except that soothing pulsation pervading All and Beyond, the Mother


The Mother is the golden Bridge

The Mother is the Golden Bridge between the Supreme and the soul of man. She came down in an earthly body as the incarnate word of God. She manifested in a frail human body some absolute Power of God. Every second of her existence has taken the earth light years ahead in its evolution. She has prepared the earth for an inconceivable divine transformation. Her physical form was a point of concentration of the infinite original consciousness which She is eternally. Every moment of her life has been a ceaseless terrible struggle and a fierce painful battle against the formidable powers which rule the earth-nature since the creation in order to lay the foundation of a divine life on earth. Every word She has expressed is a priceless gift of the Supreme to man and earth. Although now She is no longer present in her body, She is always present everywhere for there is nothing else except Her anywhere. When we are sincere, when we are simple, when we love Her truly, then we become aware of her presence, her tenderness, her help and guidance. To read her books is to communicate with the absolute wisdom. To look at her face in a photo and specially to look into her eyes is to enter into the fathomless heart of divine love. We feel then her all-comprehending sweetness and compassion. No one anywhere can ever give us so profound and lasting satisfaction as when we are with Her. She is so utterly good to everyone without exception that each soul feels fulfilled in her presence.
Love of truth, beauty and harmony will inevitably lead us to the secret Temple in the heart where She is forever installed, in all her glory, her hand always outstretched in the act of blessing. Our little life and existence is no better than the life of a firefly. If we can annul ourselves totally, realise our absolute nothingness then we are admitted into the resplendent vision of the One, the eternal Mother Divine. Verily, all is that Supreme Reality. We become dumb before that supernal Mystery.
O Mother Divine remain bright in my soul, become brighter in my consciousness so that I see only You and no one else.
May we become whatever You want us to be for You always work for our highest good.
May we remember You in every breath of our life for that brings the sweetest intimacy, the silent ecstasy, Om, Om Supreme Goodness.

19 October 1983

The physical Presence of the Mother

I came to the Ashram in June 1946 finally to stay. From that day, I had a sense of total security in the physical Presence of the Mother. She gave a perfect stability to my material existence. I have passed through many long periods of hesitation and great inner difficulties, which is quite natural in any process of yoga. But this sense of utter protection and stability never left me, even in my darkest days. She was the visible symbol of absolute assurance. As far as I was concerned, I had the feeling that nothing could ever go wrong for She was there physically. Sometimes in my confidence, I would even become arrogant. Even if I did anything wrong, I would be protected. In reality, I had very little physical contact with the Mother. I had no need for it, for in my inner consciousness She was always there and She is always there. But when She left the body in November, 1973 it was as if I lost the plank under my feet. That sense of absolute security and stability which came from Her physical Presence disappeared. I felt like an orphan, without parents or a home. Though in my consciousness She was fully present always, though I met Her so often in dreams, though I felt how She helped, protected and guided our life in a very material way, nothing satisfied me. That most reassuring physical protection was absent. There was nowhere any symbol of physical protection and stability, as if we were at the mercy of the world. This physical separation created a searing despair in the being, especially in the body. The soul remained unconsoled even with the constant perception of the One.

Recently something magnificent has happened. I have found the same reassuring physical Presence of the Mother as concrete as before, perhaps even more, for it is eternal, for it is the Eternal Mother, She who forever is. There is no one else, nothing else. I do not have to seek Her, I do not have to imagine Her. There She is, always with Her most reassuring unveiled Presence. That lost sense of protection and stability has come back. Once again, nothing can go wrong for She is there, more concrete, real and tangible than this material universe. I am no longer an orphan. I have found the Mother. I feel no one, nothing can touch me. She is there. She has the absolute control over everything in the most physical way. She alone is the only durable physical Presence. I feel we are all saved.


We must never forget that the Mother is the Supreme in a human body, quite veiled from the ordinary consciousness. To become fully conscious of the spiritual Reality of the Mother is the goal of our aspiration. Those who know Her by a human personality, even a great personality, do not know Her at all. Those who recognise the Mother in Her spiritual reality are truly fortunate.


We must remember the Mother

We can only be happy if all our life is turned towards the Mother. We must remember Her as much as possible and act always in Her presence. It is not possible for our little mind to know how with utmost love, care and protection She is leading us towards the Divine inspite of our ignorance, resistance and revolt. She is working everywhere from within the things and beings for the progressive manifestation of harmony and unity. The entire sense of the yoga is to become more and more aware of the Mother and Her action in our life. As long as we are turned to Her, practically nothing wrong can happen to us. Whatever She does is for our highest good. So let us offer our life and service in love and gratitude to the Mother.


Glory to the Mother Divine,
Glory to Sri Aurobindo

Ever welcome to my kneeling soul and heart in adoration.
O Secret Spirit, subtler than the subtlest as You are,
Yet You have inhabited these fragile earthen frames
To make Yourself tangible, accessible to the soul of man.
You speak through them each word they say.
You pour through them the molten gold of an invisible Sun.

O Secret Spirit,
Before I caught a glimpse of Them, arranged by a lucky accident,
Like a lost tragic one note- cry moaning in the hopeless night
My desolate life was a tedious stretch of a wretched play,
A huge senseless waste, a perpetual gnawing affliction.
Had I not met Them and borne their transmuting gaze,

O Secret Spirit,
I coul never, never have believed
That the Divine is so wonderful, all love and compassion.
Like a passionate moth burning madly for the embrace of the Fire,
How my whole being yearns to be possesesed by His sweetness
Till nothing, nothing shall be left of the sordid amalgam that is myself.

O Secret, merciful Spirit,
In answer to my desperate longing,
You have pressed a tiny concealed spring.
A flow of cleansing waters stream down from the benign peaks,
Melt and purify the petrified filth and gloom of the ages.
My soul now deeply satisfied, a happy one-note hymb of faith
Throbs faintly with gratitude, drowned in the symphony of Grace.

O Secret Spirit,
Penetrating the vast universe beyond,
All its nooks and corners with Your breathing Presence.
Substance of dreams, realities and abysmal mysteries,
From the most luminous high divinities
To the tenebrous God-denying almighties,
You are always the same intimate, nameless Supreme.
I see You, feel and touch You and hear Your voice
Yet You are the strangest of the strangers I have ever met!

Do I exist? It makes me laugh such a ridiculous question.
In Your boundless unbroken, changeless Self-extension
An isotope of an old shatytered atom, pulsating with hope
For the billionth of an undying second that is myself.
No, I do not exist yet this moment is rich and poignant.

O Secret Self,
From You I am born, Your body’s portion
In You I disappear like the exalted sprays falling back
Into the Ocean in suspense.
When I contemplate the endless sacred procession
Of Your fugitive names and faces on the cinerama of Time,
Then, then only I vibrate and my life even insignificant
Glows and burns in ecstasy like a meteor in explosion.

Glory to You, my Friend, Sweetheart, Master, Guide and Queen
Glory to Your messengers, emanations, incarnations
Glory to the earthly bodies filled with the Holy Spirit.


She has called us

We have a basin of water sunk in the ground for our two ducks, Kali and Radha. A red and blue kingfisher discovered it and the bird is there many times during the day. Years back in another house I had a small open air fish tank and there too our friend was a frequent visitor often diving in the tank for a fish. I have noticed where there is water there are kingfishers. If you have a lotus in a vase, the bees invariably discover it. Put a grain of sugar on the ground and soon the ants arrive in a procession. In the same way many souls came to the Ashram of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo attracted by their secret Light. The outer personality is not often conscious of this action. We may more truly say that the Mother and Sri Aurobindo by their very presence drew these souls to the Ashram because of an existing bond and affinity with them. As water is indispensable to a kingfisher, so too the Light and Presence of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo is the only atmosphere in which they can live and thrive. These souls have responded to the call of the incarnate evolutionary Force. In a small or big way these souls have been prepared through ages for the next step in evolution, appearance of the divine man on earth. To a deeper vision there is no other choice for these souls except to submit to the transforming action of the Divine Mother who presides over the evolution. The soul has responded to Her call but our outer nature does not fully respond to Her call or appreciate Her invitation. We are caught in a gin. We cannot escape the grip of the Divine Force working in us.

Like kingfisher to water, we are indissolubly bound to the Divine Mother and Her transforming Force. The essence of surrender is to be fully plastic and joyful to Her Transforming touch. She has called us. She cannot and does not abandon us, but also we cannot escape the fiery process of rapid evolution. We are unlucky and unfortunate as long as we do not fully consent to Her action in us, as long as we do not willingly collaborate with Her. We are lucky and extremely fortunate when we consent to Her burning transforming touch.


The Books of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

From the spiritual point of view the study of the books by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo is perhaps the most powerful preparation of the heart and mind for an eventual dynamic practice of Yoga. Wherever the books by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are read with reverence, the readers cannot fail to perceive the loving Divine Presence. Every word clears so much of a jungle in our consciousness. Every sentence is surcharged with the power of Truth and puts the aspiring soul in living contact with the higher and higher consciousness. The Divine is present eternally everywhere. In this universal cycle, He has been preparing for His manifestation for a long time, about five billion years according to the scientists when the earth was formed. The earth cooled and the life appeared and through a long evolution, the Divine created the Man, His first approximate Self-image. As we grow in His image, we become aware of Him. We have still a long long way to go. If He had not come down and told us how to get in touch with Him, we would be still chewing the cud. These sacred writings are invaluable, absolutely indispensable guidebooks and roadmaps to the seekers of the Divine Life. The study of these guidebooks may one day awaken in people irrepressible desire to undertake the most risky uncertain adventure in quest of God. Around the World in Eighty Days has induced many irrational spirits to undertake dangerous explorations. God’s words are called Sabda-Brahman, sound containing the power of the Brahman – to reveal the Brahman. The aspiring soul can enter into living contact with the Divine through the words written or spoken by His Incarnations.



The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have laid the foundation of the divine life on earth and Their Power and Presence are leading an elite of conscious souls towards a divine fulfillment far surpassing anything that has been realized in the past. Atmasamarpan, surrender, total and unconditional to the Supreme Mother seated in the secret heart is the Key to this Kingdom of God. The human life is driven by forces of falsehood and darkness and Godheads who do not find much support in the ego and desire-driven life of human beings. Man is God’s ladder for climbing to His pure Consciousness, Power and Felicity. God has opened all the doors of His vast marvelous Mansion to welcome anyone and everyone who would heed to His most reassuring Call. We are witnessing the last phase of fury and violence of erupting volcanoes, of the battling nations and hurricanes, earthquakes and tidal waves. The Divine Mother is now constantly present and directing the destiny of the world no longer from behind a veil, touching with Her Radiance every seeking heart and pouring into the lotus-cup Her love and sweetness. The Mother whom Ramakrishna worshipped has come down on earth.
Though the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have left their mortal envelopes, They are constantly present and active at every point of the earth. The Mother loves simple, humble, frank and sincere souls. She is our Mother, Mother of all, the Eternal, blissful Adishakti. We are prisoners of our littleness, blind selfishness and ignorance. Mind is only a half-light. Man’s life is a tragic-comedy. But in his heart dwells the Anandamayi and She has decided to manifest. So the long night of agony is over.
Let us march hand in hand chanting Her name towards the new luminous horizons, towards the growing Light of the incoming Goddess, janani, parameshwari, our Sweet Mother.


Divine Mother

Nameless Eternal Being, Creatrix Supreme,
Grace Incarnate in a fragile body,
Who art beyond the Form and the Formless,
Beyond the zenith of our climbing,
Beyond the widest waking and the deepest sleep,
Only one boon we ask Thee to hasten Thy manifestation:
Transmute these earthen vessels into immaculate receptacles
And fill them with Thy transcendent Love,
Delight-content in the lotus-core of the Reality.
No Light can persuade the Night to mend her ways.
No power can bend the self-will of wind-blown thistledown.
No beauty can break through the armour of gloom and selfishness.
But Love conquers by surrendering Her omnipotence
To division, derision, violence and death.
All opposition succumbs to Her, worn out in the end
Like a sword that yields to water finding no resistance.

Only Love can reveal the Beloved in a speck of dust caught in a sunbeam.
Only Love can prepare the destined hour for the birth of the unborn Spirit.
Thy Love self-fulfilled gives and gives
And wants nothing in exchange, sustains the humble violets
And the majestic chrysanthemums with equal grace
Leads the unwilling blindness to illumination through tenderness,
Nurses with compassion the wounds of the victor
And the pride of the vanquished, and sees the promise of God
In each closed bud sleeping in the glow of the Dawn.
Love lies bleeding in the sand pierced through the heart by a jeering rabble
And transforms each particle into a crimson epiphany of sacrifice.
Power can obliterate a vast empire with a mere glance,
Break the frail bodies but cannot tame the indomitable spirit of man.
Knowledge can dazzle the mind with its prismatic splendour
Yet cannot change a sun-bleached mountain into a forest of orchids and ferns.

When Love smiles and rains down its sweetness,
Buried hope is resurrected; rocks melt into fountains and cascades,
Deserts stop their march towards barrenness,
Worms and caterpillars are exalted to a nobler sphere,
The Daemon locked in the mute heart of the atom is delivered.
Love finds the psychic lines of rapture,
Gathers the consecrated petals yearning
And unites them into a mystic gesture,
A symbol of close-linked harmony,
Pink meditation of a dedicated Rose.
Occult powers, riches and artistic faculties,
Though precious gifts, we lay them at Thy feet.
Only one boon we ask Thee to hasten Thy manifestation:
Transmute these earthen vessels into immaculate receptacles
And fill them with Thy transcendent Love,
Delight-content in the lotus-core of the Reality.

Love is the recondite name of the One,
The insoluble bond holding together
The Mansion of the manifold creation,
The ever-new mystery which knowledge cannot fathom.
Love is the foundation,
Love the stair of our ascension, the ring of fire
Which keeps the wolves at bay when falls the darkness,
The miracled tonic that prevents fatigue on the way,
The crown that awaits the seeker at the summit of aspiration.

Mother Divine,
Only Love can realise on Earth Thy purple design.


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