Face to face

Face to Face

At last the Spirit in me looks at the Eternal Spirit, relieved.
The veil is cut to ribbons, transparent, as if it never existed.
The huge restless noisy machine driven by an unquiet will
Has fallen asleep apparently and is now only a silent energy,
A smooth flowing current in harmony with million other forces,
All moving willingly, unwillingly, some happy, others struggling,
Driven by a conscious power, to work out even without knowing
The divine plan eternally unfolding for the sheer pleasure
Of some wonderful moviemaker in search of novelties.
All is quiet within amidst the roar of thunder and ruin,
The deafening crash of falling ancient strong headed citadels
Of the mighty lords of the earth, desperately setting up a barrage
Against the swallowing tidal wave, mountain high Grace.
The unusually kind moviemaker has taken me in his team.
In between shooting an episode on the location selected,
He is busy in planning, explaining to us all his next adventure.
Our heart, mind, body and soul must be thoroughly trained,
Only then, we would function well, satisfy our Director.


Niranjan Guha Roy


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