Man is the leader of evolution. on earth, so it seems. But his life is extremely vulnerable as at any moment his life can be cut short by a fatal disease or a sudden accident. Even in course of his normal life he is constantly faced with death, disease and accidents all around him. He can never build a paradise on earth with his fragile body and uncertain duration of his life. Yet, he has always dreamt of an immortal luminous body free from fatigue, disease, accidents and decay with advancing age and eventual death. Now, with the manifestation of the Supramental Consciousness, it is possible to realize this dream partially by following the spiritual discipline, the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. One can emerge into a consciousness of deathless blissful existence by becoming conscious of the immortal soul in us, the psychic being, our true soul which does not die or disappear with the death of the body. Once we are fully conscious of our psychic, the abode of the eternal Shakti, under Her luminous effective guidance and with Her transforming Force, a new body can be developed, a body free from fatigue, disease and gradual decay, a body conscious of the immortal soul residing in it. Also, it may be possible to extend at will the duration of our life. The body will discover and manifest new capacities and powers which no man can hope to acquire. The way is open to all who aspire for immortality.
Man, the mental vital physical being driven by ego is not aware of the Nature-Power who drives him to fulfill her evolutionary purpose. He is a driven locomotive going along the destined railroad to his distant luminous spiritual goal. Now, he is under the illusion of his own power, his own genius. When the inner soul will wake up in him by the touch of the Divine Grace and the mind, the vital, the body will respond to the transforming Force flowing in him from above, then all will undergo a miraculous inconceivable change. Man, the mental being will rise more and more in consciousness and become more and more divine, more and more conscious of the supreme divine Shakti shaping him in the image of God. He will become an enraptured violin, harp or piano in the hands of the Master Musician. The horse and the rider will be a single Force exploring the infinite contents of Eternity under a sky of peace, harmony, love sweet and tender and Beauty and rapture. This is the inevitable high destiny of man now crushed under the unbearable load of ignorance and suffering. Waking up the sleeping Psyche is the most sacred mission of the Divine Worker who lives in union with the Sweet Mother Divine, our eternal Douce Mère.
Nature did not choose the most powerful animals to develop as man. So too, Nature will not choose ego driven seekers of power, wealth, fame and pleasure and arrogant intellectuals to create the divine race. Humble poets, musicians, dancers, painters, lovers of Beauty and Nature, dreamers of a world of peace and harmony and unity free from greed, hate, lust and violence, in short a small number of human beings who have a psychic being sufficiently developed through long past evolution, conscious seekers of Light and immortal life divine are the precious material at Her disposal for the new creation. Even then, the fragile human clay body has to be specially trained and baked hard to hold the nectar of divine F elicity under the direction of the Divine Mother.


Niranjan Guha Roy 2004