Painting – on the other shore

Painting Niranjan Guha Roy
Commentaries on the painting

 On the other shore
From shadow to Light
From death to Life
Who will hesitate, I ask?
Even if the road seems a little risky, so narrow and fragile.
But why worry!
The Mother is just below, protecting us in our march towards freedom.
Courage, my friends, do not hesitate.
Let us join these adventurous pilgrims who have chosen the eternal life.
We will not loose anything, I am sure.
But we will loose all that sorrowful,
Dreary life that is the lot of poor us, human beings.
Join the procession and march forward, singing an hymn of gratitude
To the Mother Divine who is waiting for us on the other shore.
Look, friends, how She is smiling.
What a welcome we will have!
Our heart already is full of joy only to feel even so little
The marvellous existence waiting for us on the other shore.

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