Perfect Surrender and Sincerity

The yoga of Sri Aurobindo is based on the principle of perfect surrender to the Divine, His Power, the Mother, the Supreme Consciousness. One must be ready to offer to the Divine, one’s present, past and future, everything one is and has, all one possesses or will ever possess, without any personal claim or demand for a reward except the constant growth of consciousness Then only the Supreme Power will intervene and undertake the yoga of transformation. This necessity of total surrender to the Divine must be very deeply felt and understood for really nothing much happens in the way of spiritual development unless the being accepts the principle of surrender. It is a very serious decision in the life of an aspiring soul for by accepting the principle of surrender one enters into the line of Divine evolution. Very few souls can do the total surrender right from the beginning. One has to start somewhere and gradually extend the principle of surrender as much as one can to the whole being. By what Light shall we be guided in the beginning? By the very fact that one wants to do the yoga or is attracted to it means a sufficiently evolved psychic consciousness in the being. With sincerity as the touchstone we are able to measure the quantity of gold in the alloy. Without sincerity one cannot move a single step towards the Divine. Sincerity can easily feel the psychic light and influence and recognise unmistakably all that is false, deformed, selfish, obscure and ignorant, all that is twisted and perverted, all that is cunning and deceitful in our nature. We must take the side of the psychic being, the Divine in us at all times and consistently reject all that is not consistent with the sublime ideal of the Divine life. If there is a refusal to follow the indications coming from the psychic light then not only one doesn’t progress anymore in the spiritual consciousness but falls in the grips of dangerously powerful tenebrous forces and leads a life of delusion, if far worse calamities do not ruin his life. One should never play with the Divine. The path is extremely difficult, requires great courage, self abnegation and a crystal clear sincerity. On the other hand, if one has the sincerity and the will to surrender to the Mother Divine then even if one has a mountain of difficulties, he need not fear or despair for the Mother Divine will carry the sincere soul to the utmost heights of spiritual accomplishments. The Mother is simple, always accessible and above all, She is straight. There are parts in our being which are obscure, even treacherous to the Divine, seemingly incorrigible. If we are sincere to the Mother, She will not turn away from us but change all obscurity, falsehood into Light and Truth, free us from the servitude of mortality into the eternal joy and freedom of the immortal spirit. Let us not hold on to our tiny unhappy precarious domain but surrender it to the Mother Divine for She will then admit us into the boundless shining Kingdom of God forever blissful.
Niranjan Guha Roy 1990