The consciousness is clear

Niranjan Guha Roy
Motherland France
Now the agitated ocean has become calm, tranquill, vast, luminous, joyful with a surface as a miror reflecting the infinite miracle of God, his eternal drama, his miraculous, existence. There is no more any clash or confusion. I see Him, meet Him everywhere, in everything. There is no need to go anywhere else
My body is too weak too fragile to contain and shelter this grandeur. It falls into a transe, becomes immobile. It has peace and no suffering but has no energy to move or act. But my consciousness is clear as daylight. There is no confusion at the contrary there is an universal love without division. Everywhere I see the Divine in everything, playing with himself. Becoming less He does not loose his divinity. Everything is He, all bodies are made of the eternal divine substance.
There is no more personal choice, nothing to realise except to be constantly with the Mother and this She has accorded entirely
My story ends here.
Sometimes I would like to be surrounded with people loving and consecrated to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. This is the only desir left .


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