The dynamic new consciousness

The dynamic new consciousness

Our Sovereign Queen

Each human being is in his inner being a spark of the Divine, a fragment of the One, a child of the Great Mother. Each one is a god in becoming, we are all destined to become in course of time a living image of the Supreme Divine, with a divine consciousness and a divine nature. But it is a long and difficult and painful journey through many, many lives. Our body is like a house where the immortal soul in us grows a little until the house crumbles down, then the soul goes to subtle worlds, vital, mental and the spiritual worlds and when it is time for it, it comes back to the earth in a new body in another house and continues to grow. The house of the soul that is the product of the earth, is the result of a long and slow evolution from simple forms of life to more and more complex and conscious bodies, from fishes to reptiles, then mammals and finally it arrives at a human being. But the body retains in every cell of its body, a subconscious memory and nature of the successive levels of consciousness it has gone through. In short the most dangerous, unconscious, carnivorous animals are alive and powerfully present in our subconscious and unconscious regions of our body. The soul is immaculately divine but the house or the body for its manifestation is practically entirely, not only undivine but anti-divine. It refuses to listen to its soul, the divinity in all human beings, waiting for the day when it would be able to manifest the divine Peace, Harmony, Unity, Beauty, Felicity and heaven by Love. The psychic being however developed has practically never been able to transform the body, its instrument for the divine manifestation. That is the reason why the spiritual seekers have rejected the earth and human life, declaring that the ignorant, violent, intolerant mental animal consciousness of the body can never be transformed into something true and divine. This is basically true, that is to say, the mind consciousness however spiritual can never transform the animality in man nor stop the ravages of disease, decay and final disintegration of the body.

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the twin Avatars of the Divine, have come on earth and brought down the supramental light, force and consciousness in the earth-evolution as a dynamic operating principle. This new consciousness is far superior to the mental consciousness and very different from it. It has the irresistible absolute power to transform the mind, life and the body, wipe out the last traces of our past evolution from the body cells and divinize it entirely, if only the body could receive it without breaking down under its tremendous pressure. This Consciousness is like a powerful light in a big room which was illumined by the light of a feeble candle flame. All the souls who are in one way or other, in some part of the being aware of the Divine and the spiritual reality, will respond to this new Light naturally, spontaneously and they will be able to see very clearly all the different elements in their nature far more clearly than ever. The elements which are helpful to progress and elements which don’t want any change, refuse or oppose violently to change their present ignorant dark and intolerant movements. The mind of man illumined by this new Power will present less difficulty and opposition to a greater illumination but the life principle in man, the egocentric vital ego will oppose vehemently any change demanded from it and as it is the dominant principle and dynamic power in man, its opposition assumes the spectacle of a gigantic inner war in the consciousness of the seeker. This is the most formidable and dangerous barrier on the way to the divine birth of man. Even if an inner battle between the established egocentric obscure powers and the divine Force descending in response to a call from the receptive part in the being does not take the form of a terrible refusal or revolt, the opposition puts up a stone wall to stop the inflow of the luminous divine Grace. This form of opposition is far more common among the seekers than a violent revolt and armed opposition to the divine Force, almost one might say, hardly any sadhak can ever escape this inner battle, this unrelenting tug of war between the strong forces of the past and the powerful divine forces of the future evolution.

The awakened soul is a helpless witness of this great inner struggle. How the situation can be improved, the danger, if not removed, at least reduced to a minimum and this period of great inner pain, suffering, agony, unbearable torture be shortened and the struggle minimized, for in this dangerous inner battle among the seekers of Light the casualties are very high; the passage to Light is still, to say the least, extremely exhausting, an unrelenting battle but for the Grace. That is why if one is truly willing to surrender everything to the Divine Mother, our life and actions, thoughts and emotions, sensations and give oneself to the Divine Mother with trust, love, faith and confidence at every moment in our life and listen only to Her luminous, infallible guidance and accept whatever comes from Her, given by Her and accepts equally without regret whatever is taken away from him and yearns to become a docile instrument of the supreme divine power, then the Divine Mother will carry us safely unhurt, unbroken through the most furious battles, fires and hurricanes to the glorious land of divine peace, harmony, beauty and ananda, where the smiling and friendly sun never sets. But this is a long, long, difficult journey for the mind runs after different ideas and attractions of the moment and the vital is always on the move never satisfied and the physical consciousness is dull and unconscious. One has to practice regularly concentration on the Mother specially by reading Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The vital is not willing to follow the words of the Mother and the body does not believe in anything unless it is material. Only if the psychic being is sufficiently developed, it responds readily to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo with joy and gratitude. If we learn to pray to the Divine Mother and Sri Aurobindo as an indispensable action in our life as eating, breathing, bathing and talking and playing and it becomes a biological necessity like the oxygen for respiration, food and drink for the body, then the Mother would reveal Herself, become living and vibrant in our consciousness and take up our yoga. We must remember that no one can do this yoga of transformation, no one can become conscious of the Divine and Her will, no human effort can bring peace and harmony and durable joy in our life and being, only the Mother who is constantly with us in our soul, can do this most impossible miracle of transforming our ignorant human consciousness, our unhappy life, our dull and inert body into a conscious divine instrument, possessed by the Eternal, living in company with the Eternal Mother lifted far, far above the inferior obscure human nature into the luminous active nature of the Mother Herself. Then and then only we will become Her true children. At the moment we are not much better than cats and dogs loved with much affection and care by the Mother Divine. We can hardly consciously participate in Her play, just as our cats and dogs cannot participate much when we write, recite a poem, sing a song, etc. This is very important to remember that we are ignorant, we really do not know the true purpose of life, nor do we have a real glimpse of the divine life. We are born blind. Only the Mother can open our eyes, so that we can see Her clearly, give us new ears, so that we can hear Her delicious voice, make our body so conscious that it can feel Her touch, Her delightful presence, thrill with the downpour of the light, power, peace and felicity of the Divine Mother into the whole system. The Mother is our most intimate friend and guide. She is our invulnerable shield of protection, safety and security.

Let our heart repeat Her name constantly. Let our respiration breathe in Her sweetness.
Douce Mère, Mother Divine is incredibly simple, good beyond imagination and most easily accessible,
Our Sweet Mother.


Niranjan Guha Roy – 2001

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