Text and painting  Niranjan Guha Roy
The Beauty and her soul
O Soul of Beauty, on you rests a heavy and worthy responsibility. There is too much suffering, too much violence and cruelty, too many broken hearts and broken lives, too much misery and meanness in the world; yet, you have the power to transform this darkness into light, this division and separation into oneness and unity and harmony, this suffering and death into immortal felicity.

The artist adores the divinity of beauty. What we want to say is that the artist can do in his own way a powerful yoga through the adoration of beauty. The approach is simple–it is the path of love, adoration and gratitude. When we hear a great voice or see a ravishing movement of dance or feel a music touching the hidden cords in our being, we feel a simple gratitude for the One who has created such a wonderful thing.
I can prepare a wonderful bouquet of flowers and place it on my altar to the All-Beautiful. I can sing a song for that nameless ecstasy, I can play the piano in privacy for an intimate session with my beloved Divinity. Nobody need know. These meetings these offerings are too precious, too wonderful, too sacred to be shared with others who may not understand our way of inner communion. The more we offer our art to the Divinity of Beauty and delight, the closer we come to that deeply satisfying Presence. We are gradually liberated from the bonds of life, the demands of the society and the rootless commercialism of the world and its incomprehension. Beauty adores beauty, offers itself to the altar of the All Beautiful.
Offer your song, your poetry, your flowers, your sonata, your vase, your painting, your body, your feelings, your actions, your life to the All-Beautiful, to the All-Compassionate, to the supreme Divinity of Love, Beauty and Delight. She will manifest through your poems, through your paintings, through your music, she will enrapture the world through your dance and rhythm and harmony. The great Divinity of Beauty is not outside you, She is in us, in every one of us, She is equally there in all souls, waiting the auspicious moment for revealing Her self.
Rejoice, even if you have felt once in your life that indefinable ecstasy which is the Presence of the supreme Divinity, of all bliss. If once we have felt that sacred touch, aspire, it will come back again and again till there is a constant deep communion with the All-Beautiful,till one day you will hear Her in every voice, in the roar of the tempest, in the whisper of the evening forest. You will see Her on every face which is but a mask, a temporary disguise of that One. Offer your little rose, your little poem, your little tune, and your little dance. Your life would be a fulfillment in true beauty, harmony and delight.