The walls of my inner chamber

Niranjan Guha Roy
The walls of my inner chamber are adorned with portraits of Avatars,
Prophets and divinities who have inspired men to realise the impossible,
Who have unlocked the doors to my hidden soul, kindled a heavenly fire,
Removed the heavy resisting stones sitting on the springs of my life.
An image of the Budha plunges me in an ageless deep serenity.
In a painting of Durga, I feel the invincible power protecting
The pilgrims on the razor-sharp dangerous path of yoga.
Resplendent Kali with her boundless energy, ready to strike the enemies of Truth
Forcing us to be strong and sincere, assures the seeker of the final victory.
The Christ still hanging on the cross is a constant terrible witness
Of the violent human nature and the beasts we harbour in us.
Krishna, the friendly Godhead draws the souls towards a world of bliss
By the enchantment of his flute heard in the silence.
Lakshmi, the opulent Godhead opens the sealed domains above
Of sublime beauty and floods our being with celestial harmony.
The eternal snow-covered Himalayas remind me of Shiva in meditation.
Every time I look at Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, I meet my absolute Master.
The unattainable supreme Grace has come in twin bodies to divinise the earth.
Their portraits become an open door to meet the marvellous Presence,
The wonderful Love whose touch in a flash changes
The tragic episode of life into an epic symphony of delight.

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