Two giant stars have touched the earth
During a century, irradiated all that exists,
Raised hurricanes, waves high as mountains,
Swept continents, calmed the madness of men,
Widened narrow spirit, freed the soul of the earth,
Sowed golden seeds in striving hearts.

The endless painful night of falsehood ends.
A new sun appears in the sky of the soul
Which always shines and never sleeps.
These stars went away far, very far.
The earth is covered with their golden, radiant dust.
But Glory is not any more there,
Magnificence is only a recollection.
By the window of the dream, one can again catch
Some beams of the disappeared Light, some outlines
Of this Epiphany, this sublime drama which takes place
Unnoticed, in occult, inaccessible domains to the mortal.

The Mother is always present,
Smiling in front of the awakened soul

N. Guha Roy