Latest Poems

Poems from 1967 to 2005 France

Niranjan Guha Roy

The Enchanted Track

The Mother is always present eternally,
There was never a time when She did not exist.
There will not be any future where She will not be there.
All visible, invisible, known or unknown existence
Is only Herself unique, infinitely multiple.
Perfect consciousness, absolute Force, fathomless Bliss.
All the beings without exception are Her own robes.
She lives in all the bodies from the particles of Her secret house
To the inmost depths of the heart of every human being,
She looks at world with a smile,
Elaborates Her journeys, Her mad adventures through Time.
Her consciousness has no need to sleep.
All the time She is the all powerful, incontested Master,
The Directrice of all the actors of the drama.
Every face reflects a special beam of Her irresistible beauty.
Every voice reminds Her living presence behind the thick mask.
When the glance dives into the glance as a flash of lighting,
Everything stops in a dazzle, an intimate meeting
A mystic union of divine sparks,
An explosion bringing down all the barriers,
Eternity stands still …
One feels the shock of the Love
Holding the Creation together.
Everything is She,
She is every being and all,
There is only She.
The soul does not look for rest,
But enticed, irresistibly drunk,
She dashes on the enchanted track
Of the Eternal Mother.

The Eternal Shakti

The eternal Shakti hides behind the veil of a fragile, mortal body
As the sun which remains invisible in a gray, thick fog.
Her easy words communicated brilliantly the difficult ultimate Truth.
As a refreshing source, tenderness flowed from Her
And simply removed pain and the thorns piercing the flesh.
As a light bulb which enlightens a dark chamber
Her presence, simply, illumined the thick consciousness.
Never in a hurry, She had all the eternity in front of Her.
Her smile received the debates, the conflicts and the corrosive doubts
And dissipated them immediately in a soothing harmony.
The Supreme Mother inaccessible even to the Gods,
So great and so distant, unthinkable divine Reality
Made Herself small, insignificant, passed unnoticed.
We ignored Her very often in our blind impertinence.
When we were in front of Her, the window of our soul open
Even for some seconds we could perceive in Her
The Divine Mother, the wordless magnificence, the Eternal in a body
For ever so close, so intimate, mother, friend, confidante,
Master, professor, infallible guide, adorable sister.
Day and night She was ready to listen our complaints,
Never a word of criticism, never the least reprimands
She led us towards the sublime aim by an infinite sweetness.
Everything emanating from Her, every word, every gesture,
Her silence were only a blessing, hastening our spiritual progress.
She took care of our souls as a wild sentinel
Fought for us against merciless powers
Of terror and darkness who hate the Divine.
And protected us from the worst in spite of our decay.
The violent passions, rotten pieces, mud which we threw on Her,
Smiling, She collected them in Her scarf as flowers.
Her thousand children who evolved around Her in an ecstatic saraband,
Cherished, warmed, inundated by Her transforming waves
Forgetting cruelty, violence, torments of human agony
Lived on an island fortress in the middle of a sea in fury.
It was the paradise so dreamed, so prophesized,
The impossible realised.