N. Guha Roy has written several books that we present here.

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Écoute avec ton cœur
This book is composed of poems and paintings by N. Guha Roy illustrating his deepest experiences and his vision of a world to come. It is above all an homage to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
edited by Amita Guha Roy  Motherland- France

23cmx31cm 90 pages

Listen with your heart

English version of the precedent book with some differences.

23cm x 31cm, 150 pages

edited by Christine Alkov -Bhaktiland -USA

Other books from Niranjan Guha Roy.
Prayers of Harmony
The vanishing Race
Douce Mère
The enchanted track
All the english poems of N Guha Roy  Offering
6 books Meditation on the future from 1963 to 2005

The books in french are in the french site under librairie

DVDs  paintings – music -poems,

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