No more breach between You and me.
Everything is divine. Everything is You,
There is only You, Lord.
All melts in a vast symphony of love without body,
A hymn of gratitude on the gentle breast
Of the infinite Mother.

May our entire being become the adoring violin, piano or flute
waiting for the swooning touch of the Master.
Lost in the Master, an intolerable ecstasy is our reward.
O mind, be peaceful and spread out to Infinity.
O heart be calm and contain the Ocean of Felicity.
O my poor body, don’t break down or get burnt under the pressure of the Heaven.
O the supreme joy of non existence
What a comfort to know that I do not exist
Only That and That alone is forever.

The more one rises, the more the track widens
and the road is lined with magic flowers.
What seemed from below an inaccessible summit
Becomes an immense gold colored flat plateau.
Well above the known world, beyond the most fearless thoughts
Everything is light, peace, harmony infinite sweetness plenitude

In all beings, in all objects is the road which leads towards the new life.
Every ground, every river, mountains, deserts, houses,
everything becomes sacred as the infinite ground of a Temple

 The window of the soul

When the window of the soul is wide open, then all becomes divine.
There is no conflict, no pain no anguish, no birth, no death
But eternity and an endless infinite play of the Divine
With His million and million selves.
It is all a magnificent stupendous play, but unbearable,
Intolerable for long to our little human consciousness.
Then the window closes again.
This continues until the day when the window remains open<
Day and night, in all seasons, at all times,
When all becomes divine
And the marvelous Mystery is never lost again.
All is the Blissful One, now and ever sleeping or awake.
I looked out on the lake and saw a lotus bloom,
The folded hands of Mother Nature slowly opening
Her fingers in prayer to the Lord, the Eternal.

I try to reach the utmost confines of time till my consciousness bursts the boundaries of past, present and future and enters a state of timelessness, eternity,a consciousness which always is separate from, unaffected by the passing show, the endless procession of names and forms, swimming universes rising and disappearing in the flood of time. There is nothing stable. Time flows ceaselessly carrying in its current the eternal wonder of dawns and sunsets. The base is stable, subtler than the subtlest substance, yet substance of all the time flow. The show is perpetual and forever renewed. The tiniest flower, which for a morning glows in a meadow with its fugitive blue and pink petals, is an eternally recurring refrain in the vast symphony of time … it will come back again on another earth in another distant cycle, when our earth disappears or is transformed into something else. All is contained in all. The highest divinities and the darkest monsters are made from the same unseizable primordial substance. Masks and facades, multi colored wave patterns rushing through time before some witnessing eye do not hide the One Player, so intimate, yet forever unknown and unknowable. Look into the Past. Probe the future. Scrutinize the Present. There is the same friendly face, the bewitching smile of the utter Stranger. In this vast, boundless, timeless indivisible Sameness, do I exist? Do you? Does anybody indeed? Can a dewdrop see the Sun? A sunflower feels and turns to the Sun. So here and there through the ages there have been souls who could perceive this hidden indivisible unique Sun. The Sun looks at itself through its myriad fragments. Always the same, indivisible, unfathomable, mysterious, eternal, infinite Light.
Shine evermore in our consciousness. May you get reflected without distortion, deformation in our purified transparent mirror of the soul. The Light has been, is, and will be always there, for there is nothing else. Did I say masks and wave patterns? I am wrong. Each blossom, each face, each form, dark and dangerous, delightful and ravishing is a sculptured poise of that immutable Light. My soul is numb and silent before that ineffable Oneness which pervades all time, all existence. There is only the One and the timeless manifestation of the One. O soul, forever contemplate the One intimate, yet forever impossible inaccessible. Let me get lost in the marvelous One.

Let our limited, divided consciousness dissolve in the all sustaining, original Mother Consciousness.

O Mother Divine, Douce Mère
Love, beauty, joy, music, uncountable faces,
Windows opened on the Mystery.
Sweet Mother,
I sink, I plunge into an infinity of sound and light

O Lord, what are we!
A thistledown floating, blown by your wind of grace!
Yet we are sparks of the original Fire
Eternal portions of the One, the eternal Mother
Always safe in her love and sweetness.

White dreams, blue dreams, my golden dreams…
I see a magic City rise amidst barren cliffs,
Cathedrals replace the hills, children blossom in fields,
Perennial rivers flow through the hungry desert lips,
Little springs push aside giant boulders of granite.
I see priceless diamonds mingled with broken glass and odd bits,

The real becomes an illusion with each new awakening.
Each grain of sand in a galaxy contains another star city.
The night conceals in her robes an ever-new unborn sun.
Each waking is a deeper dream,
A blue dream, a white dream and a golden dream.

Everything is the play of light, a phenomenon of consciousness,
the unique soul, the unalterable felicity, the absolute force.
The Divine, only the Divine today, tomorrow, always.
Om Sweet Mother, You are innumerably present around us

A silent quiet light restful dancing fills the universe
Without border, without horizon forever.
A sweetness, a smile erases all existence.
You, only You live in all everywhere
Eternal infinite Mother, embodied mystery
You are real concrete, too vast to seize.
Nevertheless I feel Your arms tightened around my soul.

Everything passes, nothing stays.
Only You exist, unchanging, mobile