The Sanctuary

 My soul, a white candle burns steadily day and night
In adoration on the altar where the Mother Divine
Is seated on a divan absorbed in timeless meditation.
The granite vault, the shrine built in the heart of Silence
Is safe from the assault of the wind and the waves.
Even the benign gods and angels who are ever awake
To respond to the call of distress from the agonised humanity,
Have no access to this crypt where cease the wheels of creation.
Titans and giants with their mad upheavals of violent passion,
Gracious little fairies bearing the tidings of the dear ones,
Shining gilded ideals running after chimeric eldorados,
Cannot penetrate that basalt peace of the blissful intimacy.
The walls of the Shrine no longer stand, dissolved in the wideness,
The Titans and the Gods and the fairies and the thousand woeful faces
Have disappeared into a mighty Single nameless Vibration.
The most powerful Presence of the indefinable One
Pervading all space, filling out all Time – indivisibly,
The most beloved Being, the body of the ever-veiled Mystery,
The compassionate Mother restores sight to my born-blind soul.
My soul, a white candle burns on the altar without walls,
Unafraid, needing no protection from the wind and the waves,
For all is changed.
There is only the Great Mother, the Divine Soul,
Immeasurable pulsation of Love filling the earth and the sky.


  When Thou art with me

When Thou art with me,
Thy felicity slips into the ill-lit corners of my being
Dissolving the massive darkness perpetuated by hunger and pride,
Bridging the gulf between soul and soul with understanding
Transforming existence into a river of serene delight.
Words seem inadequate to express the essential unity.

When Thou art with me,
Evil and suffering lose their terrible meaning,
Each happening becomes a ritual, an act of benediction,
The dire misfortune brings a rare opportunity
To step over an impossible barrier with a smile.
Misunderstanding opens a door of deeper and lasting concord,
Rejection seems an unexpected favor, gesture of an indulgent Grace,
Death, a joyous entry into a life more intense and luminous and divine.

When Thou art with me,
The One stands revealed everywhere,
In all creatures and beings, endlessly,
Eternal changeless Being containing all, contained equally in all,
Above all and no one, yet dwelling in the heart of everyone,
Carrying the destiny of one and all, safe and assured forever.

Thou shinest in a broken piece of porcelain, a rose bud fallen in the mud,
In the golden bust of an ancient Egyptian Goddess
Recovered from the night of a subterranean grave in the desert.
Life is then a mirrored surface of a tranquil lake
Reflecting the sacred procession of ineffable wonders,
Cloud-messengers hiding in their bosom
Flame-contents of the Infinity.
Profiles and contours, inscrutable symbols,
Sculptured images of the Unknown
Drive our souls to a constant discovery
Of a newer and newer Ecstasy.


The Delegate

Bring me the opal cups of the bloom of Morning Glory;
Fill them with the wine brewed from the Divine Ecstasy;
I have been named a delegate to the Festival of Light.

Bring me the crown of fire,
Sprinkle silvery dust of the stars in my hair;
The spring tide has verily flooded my soul.

Bring me a psyche-rose, love-fed source of perennial delight,
Make up my lips with the yearning of the pomegranate seeds;
Glad hymns of a realised dream haunt my ears.

Bring me the sandals that tread the path of the tenderest love,
And the mystic flag, blue and gold of undying hope;
Summon the crescent-moon to take me to the Carnival.


Mother Divine,

Hidden will in the atom and the protoplasm
Thou aspirest in the flowers and the creepers,
Extendest Thy arms of prayer in the tree.
Thou keepest vigil on the altar of the soul of man.
Mother Divine
Thine is the inspired vision, the struggle and the battle
Thine too is the victory the laurel and the crown
The realisation , the glory of the marvellous New Creation


The Angel of Fire

I am the shining white-winged angel of fire
On the far-seeing flank of an inaccessible summit
A long way from the busy and glamorous cities,
I have built my retreat and observation post among the trees.
From a great height, I watch over the pilgrim souls
Going their way on the eternal road in an unending flow.
The distance between hope and the goal,
Sundown and the morning star is often too long to bear
Even for the seasoned travelers, explorers of the hidden Light.
I rekindle their faltering hope and strengthen their faith.
This unhappy world in love with war and desaster
Violence and power, if denied its daily portion
Of burning wine of hate and poison, murderous excitement,
Fatal drugs and pills and one-eyed suicidal freedom,
Will fall back into apathy, exhausted slide into extinction.
I drive gently men and women, slaves of desire, animals by nature,
Towards a high and noble passion, I light a spark in their soul.
This violent, unsatisfied brute is yet a crude image
Of a Supreme Divinity, habitation of the delightful Shakti.
As the lotus blooms in the pale rays of a silver moon,
So too, the soul in man still an animal grows every hour
Illumined, purified, sublimated by my Radiance.
In the secret heart of things, I have built my garden of roses
I am the pathfinder, guide on the road to immortality.
Tears, I transform into glistening pearls of the rosary,
Utter disaster, ruin, shame and agony into Bliss and Harmony.
Friend of the aspiring soul, I lend him my wings to fly to the goal
If he stays too long in an oasis, I dry up the fountain and the green leaves.
I leave him no rest; prod him, often with strokes of lightning.
I ignite in his heart a divine frenzy, he cannot sleep anymore.
When I am invoked, centuries are compressed into a dazzling lifetime.
I am friend of the gambler, the reckless adventurer and the hunter,
Who would throw away all prudence and gingerly step into fire.

O hero worshipper of the Great Mother,
Do not relax until you win.
Jump in the furnace of love in fusion
Till all is reduced to gold.


The Tiny Spark

I ride the wild winds and enjoy
Flying over the green hills and dales,
I rise like a rocket in the sky,
Then dive into perilous seas for fun.
All earth is my home, all people my own.
In a flash I am where my hands are needed.
I obey the command of my Sovereign, Mother Divine.
I am Her faithful, fearless soldier on duty.
Her Light gives a shine to my thoughts and emotions.
Her Force makes me do what my soul most desires.
Her Love gives me all I need in life and more.
By Her Grace, a tiny spark becomes a giant Star.


The Cosmic Opera

The peace of Eternity has filled my soul.
Wherever I look, a marvelous unfathomable Mystery,
Something, Someone infinite, faceless, nameless smiles at me.
Ceaseless flow of shapes and forms, colors and sounds,
Epic dramas, shifting panorama like the stormy sky,
Fleet across the too small ridiculous screen of my soul.
A shoreless, boundless Ocean, now calm, now furious,
Boiling, battling, sleeping like a sheet mirror,
Heaving bosoms of countless titans, gods, monsters and angels,
Piled at times with snow cathedrals, covered with white purity,
An eruption of luminous colors
Reflecting the changing moods of the One,
A million broken suns dancing on its roaring waves,
A dreamland of floating lamps launched by a pale blue moon,
A liquid immensity holding terror and beauty,
Laughter and slaughter, love and vengeance,
Sweetness and monstrous violence,

Yet this magnificent spectacle is only a tiny facet,
Mobile face of Something, Someone immobile, absolute.
Death has no meaning for me;
Birth ceases in a conscious Eternity,
A stupendous nonstop perpetual whirlpool,
The One indivisible, unalterable, inscrutable, close,
Locked in an embrace the ruthless Killer and the tenderest Lover,
Intimate, inseparable, inaccessible, impenetrable, infinite.
Sipping a glass of heady Soma offered by my dangerous Friend,
Struck dumb in amazement,
I watch His vast Cosmic Opera


 The Enchanted Track

The Mother is always present eternally,
There was never a time when She did not exist.
There will not be any future where She will not be there.

All visible, invisible, known or unknown existence
Is only Herself unique, infinitely multiple.
Perfect consciousness, absolute Force, fathomless Bliss.
All the beings without exception are Her own robes.
She lives in all the bodies from the particles of Her secret house
To the inmost depths of the heart of every human being,
She looks at world with a smile,
Elaborates Her journeys, Her mad adventures through Time.
Her consciousness has no need to sleep.
All the time She is the all powerful, incontested Master,
The Directrice of all the actors of the drama.
Every face reflects a special beam of Her irresistible beauty.
Every voice reminds Her living presence behind the thick mask.
When the glance dives into the glance as a flash of lighting,
Everything stops in a dazzle, an intimate meeting
A mystic union of divine sparks,
An explosion bringing down all the barriers,

Eternity stands still …
One feels the shock of the Love
Holding the Creation together.
Everything is She,
She is every being and all,
There is only She.
The soul does not look for rest,
But enticed, irresistibly drunk,
She dashes on the enchanted track
Of the Eternal Mother.


The Eternal Shakti

The eternal Shakti hides behind the veil of a fragile, mortal body
As the sun which remains invisible in a gray, thick fog.
Her easy words communicated brilliantly the difficult ultimate Truth.
As a refreshing source, tenderness flowed from Her
And simply removed pain and the thorns piercing the flesh.
As a light bulb which enlightens a dark chamber
Her presence, simply, illumined the thick consciousness.
Never in a hurry, She had all the eternity in front of Her.
Her smile received the debates, the conflicts and the corrosive doubts
And dissipated them immediately in a soothing harmony.
The Supreme Mother inaccessible even to the Gods,
So great and so distant, unthinkable divine Reality
Made Herself small, insignificant, passed unnoticed.
We ignored Her very often in our blind impertinence.
When we were in front of Her, the window of our soul open
Even for some seconds we could perceive in Her
The Divine Mother, the wordless magnificence, the Eternal in a body
For ever so close, so intimate, mother, friend, confidante,
Master, professor, infallible guide, adorable sister.
Day and night She was ready to listen our complaints,
Never a word of criticism, never the least reprimands
She led us towards the sublime aim by an infinite sweetness.

Everything emanating from Her, every word, every gesture,
Her silence were only a blessing, hastening our spiritual progress.
She took care of our souls as a wild sentinel
Fought for us against merciless powers
Of terror and darkness who hate the Divine.
And protected us from the worst in spite of our decay.
The violent passions, rotten pieces, mud which we threw on Her,
Smiling, She collected them in Her scarf as flowers.
Her thousand children who evolved around Her in an ecstatic saraband,
Cherished, warmed, inundated by Her transforming waves
Forgetting cruelty, violence, torments of human agony
Lived on an island fortress in the middle of a sea in fury.
It was the paradise so dreamed, so prophesized,
The impossible realised.