Douce Mère – Sri Aurobindo

Niranjan Guha Roy

Douce Mère – Sri Aurobindo

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have placed
The highest and noblest ideal before mankind.
They have uncovered the Sun of the supramental Consciousness
In the inner spiritual sky, and the soul is now flooded
With the New Light of the divine Consciousness


You came on earth to establish the Divine Life here in the material world.
You have taken upon yourself all the obscurity, violence, cruelty,
Suffering and blindness of the earth nature and transmuted them
Into seas of light, power and felicity and created the firm and stable foundation
For the manifestation of the new divine race.
We, Your children, must not forget for a moment
Your constant luminous Presence in our heart, mind, body and soul.

Without your constant presence, no transformation can ever be achieved.
The Supramental manifestation is your manifestation,
Manifestation of the Adi Shakti, the eternal Mother
In a constantly growing number of aspiring souls.
Glory to Thee, O Supreme Consciousness,
Be our guide, friend, mother and teacher, light, love,
beauty and felicity in an ever-increasing intensity.
Pranam, Pranam, Pranam.


The courageous soul


If we want to build a better world
we must do the yoga of Sri Aurobindo
and surrender our life, mind, body and soul
to the Eternal Mother, Mahashakti

The Mother is the presiding Spirit.
Sri Aurobindo our vision and inspiration


The Mother is the Golden Bridge between the Supreme and the soul of man.
She came down in an earthly body as the incarnate word of God.
She manifested in a frail human body some absolute Power of God.
Every second of her existence has taken the earth light years ahead in its evolution.
She has prepared the earth for an inconceivable divine transformation.
Her physical form was a point of concentration of the infinite original consciousness which She is eternally.

Every moment of her life has been a ceaseless terrible struggle
and a fierce painful battle against the formidable powers
which rule the earth-nature since the creation
in order to lay the foundation of a divine life on earth.
Every word She has expressed is a priceless gift of the Supreme to man and earth.

Although now She is no longer present in her body,
She is always present everywhere
for there is nothing else except Her anywhere.

To read her books is to communicate with the absolute wisdom.
To look at her face in a photo and specially to look into her eyes
is to enter into the fathomless heart of divine love.
We feel then her all-comprehending sweetness and compassion.
No one anywhere can ever give us so profound and lasting satisfaction
as when we are with Her.
She is so utterly good to everyone without exception
that each soul feels fulfilled in her presence.

May we remember You in every breath of our life
for that brings the sweetest intimacy, the silent ecstasy,
Om, Om Supreme Goodness.


The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have opened before us
the vision of a new creation, the certitude of a divine life on earth
for which any price is too little to pay.
Our battle is being fought and gradually won
once for all by the divine grace.

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo came on earth
and they have done in their lifetime a sadhana,
which in case of an aspiring human soul
would take about a thousand years.
They came on earth to release in the evolutionary movement a new force

The Avatars take upon themselves
all the unconsciousness, darkness and opposition of the world
and flood them with the divine consciousness.
As the earth rises through them to heaven,
they bring down the heaven on  earth, in and  through their body.
The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have built the golden bridge
between the supramental truth and the earth of ignorance.
They have opened the hitherto closed passage.
The road has been made.
The heaven is descending  wherever  there  is the least opening.
The Mother has joined matter,
the cells of her body with the supramental truth,
as has done Sri Aurobindo.
The Mother carried on the work of embodying the divine consciousness
down into the cells of her body.
This process of the supramentalisation of the consciousness
of the cells of her body is the whole story of the Agenda

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have come on earth to make it possible.
They have shown by their own example throughout their life
how to practice  the integral yoga in all sincerity

The twin Avatars have inaugurated the Satya-yuga of truth-manifestation.
No refusal or opposition however formidable can hinder,
much less stop, this magnificent incredible realisation.

They have left their bodies like one rejects an old worn out dress.
But their blissful presence is a spiritual reality to an awakened soul.
They are patiently transforming this unhappy earth
Into a mansion of delight.



The Mother has always been to me the incarnation,
The direct embodiment of the ultimate absolute consciousness and Being.
At a time of life when I was desperately seeking a meaning in life,
I met Her and the moment I saw Her truly speaking
All my problems were solved forever.
I knew that She was the ultimate Solution.

The soul has implicit faith in the Mother.
Whatever She says is the absolute truth,
Whatever She does is an act of grace, meant to take us to the divine goal . 

By the fiery compassionate lightning of the terrible Mother Kali
most of the basic ignorant instincts are reduced to ashes.

But for Her,
I could not have believed that the Divine is so compassionate and loving.

The Mother Divine is the great Healer


The peace, the sweetness, the love, the tranqill all powerful will,
The absolute knowledge expressed by the Mother during her entire life
Will be the basic qualities of the consciousness of the race divine


If we seek the guidance of the Lord, the Mother Divine reveals Herself
In the most convincing way to the seeking soul.
She not only reveals Herself but carries the soul
To its ultimate divine fulfillment.
In the short human life, the yoga of surrender is the safest
And quickest way to feel the constant presence of the Mother
In our consciousness.
Her loving hand arranges our life in a meticulous way
So that we grow by rapid steps in consciousness,
Vision, strength, power and super human capacities.
She is not far away.
Our surrender to the Mother Divine complete without reservation,
Without shrinking and fear is the royal road to the Divine life,
Which Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have undertaken to establish on earth.

 Remember the words of the Master,
“Have faith in Me, I shall lead you to the divine fulfillment.



The reading of the Gita with the words of Sri Aurobindo
Has opened vast horizons in my consciousness.
I do not know who is Sri Krishna nor who is Sri Aurobindo,
I cannot separate them.
I have found Sri Krishna in Sri Aurobindo and Sri Aurobindo in Sri Krishna. 

We are studying the Upanishads as interpreted by Sri Aurobindo.
But for Sri Aurobindo those priceless treasures
Would have remained locked in secrecy.
His words are so marvelously uplifting.
When we read the Mother and Sri Aurobindo,
we are directly in touch with the Supreme, the Eternal
Who is our Friend, Father, Mother, our Guide, Teacher
And Comrade so near and so loving.
What can ever go wrong,
How can we be ever unhappy when they are always with us.
By the action of grace when our eyes are unsealed,
Then we live in constant presence of the divine splendour.



The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have laid the foundation of the divine life on earth
And their power and presence are leading an elite of conscious souls
Towards a divine fulfillment far surpassing anything
That has been realized in the past.
The Divine Mother is now constantly present
And directing the destiny of the world no longer from behind a veil,
Touching with her radiance every seeking heart
And pouring into the lotus-cup her love and sweetness.
The Mother whom Ramakrishna worshipped has come down on earth.

Though the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have left their mortal envelopes,
They are constantly present and active at every point of the earth.
The Mother loves simple, humble, frank and sincere souls.
She is our Mother, Mother of all, the eternal, blissful Adishakti.
In the heart of man dwells the Anandamayi and She has decided to manifest.

So the long night of agony is over.


21 February 1985

Today is the birthday of the Mother –

Our mantra is Douce Mère

To be possessed by Her is the perfection we seek.


 There is only one choice left to us when nothing in the world can help us –

To turn to the Divine Mother and Her infinite Grace.




The physical Presence of the Mother

I came to the Ashram in June 1946 finally to stay.
From that day, I had a sense of total security in the physical Presence of the Mother.
She gave a perfect stability to my material existence.
I have passed through many long periods of hesitation and great inner difficulties,
But this sense of utter protection and stability never left me,

even in my darkest days.
She was the visible symbol of absolute assurance.
As far as I was concerned, I had the feeling that nothing could ever go wrong
For She was there physically.
But when She left her body, this physical separation created
a searing despair in the being, especially in the body.
The soul remained unconsoled even with the constant perception of the One.

Recently something magnificent has happened.
I have found the same reassuring physical Presence of the Mother
as concrete as before, perhaps even more, for it is eternal,
for it is the Eternal Mother, She who forever is.
There is no one else, nothing else.
I do not have to seek Her, I do not have to imagine Her.
There She is, always with Her most reassuring unveiled Presence.
That lost sense of protection and stability has come back.
Once again, nothing can go wrong for She is there, more concrete,
real and tangible than this material universe.
I am no longer an orphan. I have found the Mother.
I feel no one, nothing can touch me. She is there.
She has the absolute control over everything in the most physical way.
She alone is the only durable physical Presence.
I feel we are all saved.

 The Books of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

From the spiritual point of view
The study of the books by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo
is perhaps the most powerful preparation of the heart and mind
for an eventual dynamic practice of Yoga.
Wherever the books by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are read with reverence,
the readers cannot fail to perceive the loving Divine Presence.
Every word clears so much of a jungle in our consciousness.
Every sentence is surcharged with the power of Truth
and puts the aspiring soul in living contact
with the higher and higher consciousness.
These sacred writings are invaluable, absolutely indispensable
guidebooks and roadmaps to the seekers of the Divine Life.
The study of these guidebooks may one day awaken in people
irrepressible desire to undertake the most risky
uncertain adventure in quest of God.
The aspiring soul can enter into living contact with the Divine
through the words written or spoken by His Incarnations.


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