A priceless luminous indestructible Diamond,
No, Someone, some Beauty, some death defying Felicity,
Meditating in a hidden mystic crypt down below.

Above, an ocean in turmoil, furious with discontent,
In search of a fire to appease its huge hunger,
Looks up fuming, foaming to the immobile moon in the sky.
A rain of pale blue shimmering sweetness,
Soft, velvety, innumerable gentle streams of tenderness,
Caress the inconsolable agonising violence,
The self-destroying uncontrollable stupid arrogance
Of a stubborn ocean slowly subsiding into a swoon
Of rapture, an ease, a tranquil détente,
A transmuting, regenerating peace brought to a standstill
All the devastating rage, volcanic surge in its depths.
An undulating green blue carpet, spread to the horizons
Happily received the tread of the fascinating Divinity,
Who risen from the inaccessible abyss of mysteries
Now inundated the praying expanses
With Her purifying sweetness.
A fragrant symphony of divine harmony
Climbed to the moon.