The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have come on earth to create a divine race endowed with the supramental consciousness and not to perfect the life of man. This new race of divine beings has another consciousness not only infinitely superior to the most enlightened mental consciousness but very different from it.
When a long time ago the mental consciousness descended in the already prepared bodies of the monkeys it was not to perfect the monkeys but to slowly create the mental man. In the same way there are some human beings who by their anterior evolution have in themselves a psychic being well crystalised, a spiritual personality well formed and who have arrived at the summit of human development. They cannot be satisfied with the human life and they have the natural sensation that they do not belong to humanity. Nothing in the human life – power, pleasure, wealth, fame has any interest for them. They do not belong to any family, country, civilisation, religion or nation. Amongst men they do not feel strangers but different. They spontaneously seek the Divine, the Origin, the Source, the spiritual Reality, the eternal Truth, the Will directing the creation in their soul, in the depths of their being, in the mystic lotus of the heart or in the supraconscious regions above the head. They have no sens of superiority because they see the Divine, the Eternal in things and beings. They are conscious of their immortal soul, of the Mother Divine unic and multiple, united to Her in their consciousness, entirely surrendered to Her, moved exclusively by Her infaillible benevolent Will. They incarnate the divine consciousness of peace, harmony, beauty, benevolence, felicity and unity with all existence and aspire to create a life divine on earth, a true paradise Vrindavan. They find their full satisfaction in the ideal of the life divine of Sri Aurobindo. All their life is an adoration of the Mother Divine infinite, eternal, in all things and beings here and beyond. They explore the treasures of the infinite without getting ever tired of it. They do not know suffering anymore, all is felicity and a continuous wonder.Their consciousness is not any more prisoner of the body or of circumstances. Death is only a little change of scene and decor.

Their presence in this violent, suffering and tormented world will have a beneficial effect; appeasing, tranquilising, purifying. Under their influence men will become less selfish, less violent, less tormented, more tolerant, more united and happy. Man is not jealous of a cow grazing in a green meadow. The divine man does not search the human wealth even the most fabulous one. He is attached to nothing in this world. He lives free in the eternal Divine becoming more and more divine for the good of the world.


Niranjan Guha Roy