We are crying all the time for justice. The good should be rewarded and the wicked should be punished. As an ultimate expression of justice, we have created heaven and hell.

Still crime and violence dominate the human scene.
The Buddha says if we reply to violence with violence, how can it ever cease! The Mother says that far above the summits of mind, there is the divine consciousness. It does not criticise, it does not condemn, it does not punish the wicked. It brings solace, it heals, it awakens the true consciousness which is supreme goodness.
As our consciousness deepens, we become more and more aware of the Divine Mother, the Eternal Mother, aware of her most sublime aspect, her boundless, fathomless divine love, equal to all. There is no one ever so black who is denied even so little of her love. The Divine does not reject anyone but carries everyone on his breast all the time working for the highest good of each one. It is this healing action of the divine consciousness which helps and sustains the difficult and painful march of humanity to the divine goal. This love is the most potent transforming power in the universe. If we aspire to bring abiding peace and harmony into our violent and chaotic life we must first of all open our limited human consciousness to the transforming influence of the Divine Mother and her love, her healing touch. In the measure our blind and violent ignorance will be transformed into luminous peace and harmony and a unifying love, so too, we will become a healing fountain of divine love pouring in the world. Man, the mental being at his best is an ethical being with his idea of non violence which is based on the principle of duality and opposition of good and bad. This is a poor ineffective imitation of the true divine Love which works for the highest good of all without any exception.
The fundamental and irrevocable transformation of our consciousness is the logical necessity for our own deliverance and the progress of humanity. In this way one can become a silent invisible tower radiating divine love in the world an instrument of her healing touch.