I am getting a deeper perception of the divine Will at work. Since the divine Will is by definition not accessible to the mind, even if we get a glimpse of it in our mind not illumined by a high spiritual light, we cannot act properly with understanding, as the eventual purpose of the Will would not be felt as the right thing.

To give a simple example, the divine Will is working for a growing unity in the world. A very individualistic nation concentrated on its own existence and growth would feel all evolutive movements which try to break open its closed frontiers as destructive subversive forces, definitely anti divine to its conception. There must be a great development of the consciousness in height and breadth, in the sense of an indivisible unity in the vision of an infinite eternal single Being. Then only one can perceive the divine Will in action and actively collaborate with that Will. To the ordinary man, the attitude of the spiritual being may seem anti social, anti-national, even anti-human because his very humanity is threatened. This is the problem number one. Even a spiritual seeker with a sincere aspiration is frightened, terribly disturbed and upset at the prospect of having to give up all he holds as sacred and precious in life, all high human values. Men are satisfied with a religion, any religion or political belief because none of them demand from them, a way of life any different from what they are leading. True spirituality faces the fundamental opposition of man as he is. True spiritual seekers are practically non existent. The human way of life has precedence over any spiritual discipline. No one is really willing to be other than human. Some slight modifications may be accepted but no basic total change. The human in us is unwilling to accept the divine principle in life. We adore the Divine but refuse to be divine. It is this resistance which is being broken down now by the action of the divine Force. The age long formidable separative boundaries in the consciousness of an individual, in a group, clan or nation, in a party or organisation are constantly bombarded so to say by a wide, vast unifying consciousness of Truth. Everything including the family is under its relentless pressure. No union based on selfish interests would succeed. This is the work of demolition indispensable for a new creation in Truth. As and where there will be a response, a great power of peace and harmony will be felt victoriously at work. A few individuals may feel a strong irresistible urge to abandon their humanity, sarva dharman, and take refuge in the Supreme Divine Mother Force and Consciousness. These beings are most precious for the future evolution.