sohamI am Narcissus, in love with myself,
I leave no domains unturned in search of an iota of bliss,
In pain, in the grand dissolution and violent extinction,
In my own unformed, nameless all devouring oblivion.

I drink oceans of poison to fill a moment of dullness.
I am utterly free, desireless, needing nothing, pure,
Alone, vast, silent, self-fulfilled, poised in myself.
I cleave new roads, make my mirrors crystal clear
In order to see better and reach my distant unrevealed Self.
I impose silence on unruly waves and roaring winds
In order to hear through millions of awakened voices
That imperishable anthem of the liberated soul.
I am Brahman, I am That One, eternal, infinite,
Forever mysterious unfathomable Ocean, Blissful.

Soham, Soham, Soham


Niranjan Guha Roy