All the bodies are bodies of God,
His mutable forms filled with His immutable Presence.
He is the conscious enjoyer of all forms of existence.

When man was absent on earth, God was fully present
In all hundred million bodies of dinosaurs and dragons.
Nothing can ever live without His breath,
The boundless fathomless bliss which sustains all existence.
The forms are made of His immortal substance.
This stupendous universe in His body,
The cobweb of His imagination.
Space and Time are elements of His Consciousness
To spin His yarn unfolding in the nothingness of Eternity.
All is His play with Himself split, sectioned, fractioned
In incalculable fragments, yet each particle
Contains some magnificence of the whole Divine.
No form however perfect can ever manifest the entire Reality.
Yet some incarnations reflect the supernal Glory
As the dark blue ocean seized and ravished by the resplendent moon.
All creatures are habitations of the Lord.
At His pleasure He changes His domicile,
The supreme Artist and Architect of the Creation
He designs and executes the plans of His vision.
He is the unsleeping wakeful dreamer
Enjoying a peaceful long night of rest
In His innumerable ever-changing mansions
Seemingly durable yet having a programmed span of reliability,
To avoid the monotony of a landscape frozen in immobility.

Who art Thou, O Wonderful Master of the house of my life?
Am I a fiction, a figment of Thy imagination!
Who cares! Thou, O wonderful Lord art only real,
I am an ephemeral spark thrown out by an Effulgent Sun.
This marvelous split-second of my life is filled with Thy Glory.


Niranjan Guha Roy -1993