In the true vision, this world, our earth is a field of progressive manifestation of the Divine, the Absolute, accomplished, realized by the Divine Shakti, the Supreme Mother Power.

From a burning ball of fire She has brought the world to a point where the first conscious figures of the Supreme, the One, are slowly emerging in a new race of divine beings developing and growing under her care and direction.
In the divine vision all matter is a spiritual substance, hiding in it the One, the Divine. All the beings are her creations out of her own substance. She is the shaping power outside the being and the emergent dynamic Godhead in the heart and soul of all human beings. Whatever man does, all his actions derive their force from Her and each being does and becomes what She decides and makes it. The independence of our will and action is an illusion, each one is driven by the Nature Power whose whole aim and labor is to shape and create living images of her Master, Companion and Lover, the Supreme. From the burning ball of fire to the emergent divinity in man is her stupendous work and labor of love for the Divine.
As the divinity in the human soul becomes by her Grace conscious of her shaping power and supremely skillful, artistic hands at work unceasingly with undeviating love and delight for the Lord, the human soul can become a conscious witness and collaborator in the most inconceivable work of transformation of a clod of earth into priceless divine gold. By the grace of the Mother Divine, as he becomes more and more conscious of the most benevolent power helping him to come out of ignorant suffering in the luminous divine felicity, he surrenders everything, his thoughts and feelings, his fancies and dreams, his present and future with an ecstatic faith to the Mother Divine, and in that perfect surrender discovers the supreme bliss of union with the infinite eternal Mother Divine, wonderful, irresistible and unfathomable Mystery.

May our surrender be free from the least friction of ego.
Om Sri Aurobindo, our benevolent Master, illumine all the dark spots and pockets of resistance to the working of the Divine Mother.
Pranam, Pranam, Pranam. With our profound gratitude.