As if an invisible Sun is illuminating the earth. The old world created by mind and separative ego is now exposed to the rays of the one divine Consciousness and Being, more like a cloud covering the entire globe. Its constant radiation is destroying all that is based on separation and division, transmuting whatever can be transmuted. All the alloys will be burnt out leaving only the pure gold. In this vast consciousness, there is no strong sense of individuality to begin with – that is to say when we are just touched by it. When we shall be entirely possessed by That, we will lose all sense of separate existence. We will feel as if we are so many hands and feet, eyes, ears and mouths of an infinite eternal Being which becomes our real being. This radiation which is weak at the moment is increasing in intensity everyday. If it were too strong everything would be burnt out. So the temperature is controlled as in a ceramic kiln. The heat is progressively increased, otherwise all the vases will be shattered to pieces. In short, all the elements opposed to unity and harmony of the divine oneness will gradually disappear like the dinosaurs and the barbarians. This is only the negative side of the divine action.
All the elements favourable to unity and harmony, ready to shed their ego and merge in the divine oneness, moved only by the divine Will, will tend to come together and form the new divine life on earth. All those who aspire for the Truth, the Divine, the One and the Infinite will naturally enjoy a great protection and dynamic support from above. Either one goes through safely or one is broken. There is no halfway solution. Tepid, pious intentions should become a real dynamic power of action in life. Otherwise there is no sure footing, no certitude or security in life.
There is a vast revolution going on. It cannot stop until the new life is fully established on earth. In other words, this period of great transition gives the sense of instability and precariousness. Due to the pressure of the divine Force, all the darkness and devil’s stuff hidden in the human nature are rising like the scum on the surface of molten metal. This is happening on the individual as well as the universal level. The fire of transformation has engulfed the whole world. All that moves towards the Divine, the One, peace and harmony is safe. All that refuses to budge, entrenched in separation and division, ignorance, obscurity and violence is inevitably moving towards extinction. When one looks from this point of view, then one can see inside and outside of oneself what is helpful and what is self-destructive – what helps us to come closer to the Divine and what keeps us away from the Divine. When we think, feel, speak and act in a way which brings us close to the Divine, we begin to enjoy the felicity of the constant divine Presence. This work can be done anywhere. If one is serious, then one can feel the invisible Sun constantly shining over the whole earth and inevitably transforming it into a kingdom of God.



Niranjan Guha Roy 1992