Prayer to my soul

the violin player

Rise, rise my soul,
Higher and higher and still higher till the earth,
Its troubles and worries and dreams and future, the stars,
The galaxies, come to a vanishing point and disappear.
Rise, rise, rise ever higher to the transcendent reality,
The Eternal’s everlasting unchanging felicity.
Widen, expand evermore, break the bounds, the barriers,
The stone walls, which imprison the human souls.
Widen, widen and expand ever more, break down all the barriers,
Intolerant, dreadful violent frontiers, which separate
Man from man, man from the rest of creation
And holds him prisoner in his dark dungeon of ego.
Widen and expand evermore, demolish the last vestige of separation
Between the earth, the sun, the moon and the incalculable stars.

O my soul,
Expand evermore, go beyond the last frontiers of space,
Live in the unbound ever free,
In the spaceless, timeless, immeasurable single pulsation,
In the heart of love of the Mother Divine.
Become one with the timeless spaceless ocean of love,
Hold the whole creation in your warm embrace.

O my soul,
Plunge, plunge deeper and deeper, dive more and more
In the depths of secrecy of God, dive deeper, deeper
Through shimmering layers and layers of creation.
Dive, plunge deeper in the heart of the mystery,
The unfathomable, impenetrable secrecy of God.
Dive deeper and deeper, O my soul,
Beyond everything known, beyond the reach
Of the most daring mind’s thought and the vital’s longings,
Beyond all hope and despair.
Dive deeper, deeper till you emerge into a silent light,
Immobile, the all creating wisdom and power,
The superconscient, origin of this visible material universe.
This is the secret fountain, the driving power in the atoms,
In the stars and galaxies, the propelling force in all living things,
The unfailing powerful beams of light,
Which pushes the human soul like the wind in a sail
To God’s light and his infinity of joy in movement and creation.
Dive my soul till you have reached the Light upholding all creation
From below and driving it to join the transcendent unveiled Godhead above.

O my soul,
Do not sit idle and lament and weep over your unhappy fate,
Rise, expand, dive ever higher, ever far and wide,
Ever deeper with the explorers unquenchable ardour and fire.
God is everywhere, near and far, one day by His magic touch
When the God vision opens in us,
The restless flight and running and diving
Come to a peaceful tranquil all satisfying rest and relaxation
For now inside, outside, above and below, everywhere
There is nothing, no one but Thee, all blissful Divine,
The marvelous Mother with her unforgettable charming smile.

All life becomes a delightful passionate drama,
With our comrade, companion and soulmate, the Divine,
The all blissful, the all beautiful Mother Divine.


Niranjan Guha Roy