Méditation sur la beauté – Meditation on beauty
We are living in the midst of a disintegrating world. Personally, I have faith that it is the prelude to some beginning of a new creation, humble, simple and founded on Truth.

When I look at the actualities of the world I am no longer discouraged, but see a gradual evolving process spread over some thousands of years. But the new evolutionary process has been initiated. The Ideal of divine life on earth is no longer a utopian imagination but an absolute truth supported by a higher knowledge and experience. Apart from India, there is no other country where there is an understanding that spirituality is not religion. The yoga is definitely distinct from any religion. It is the quest for the Absolute with its own discipline and technique. This is where people get confuse, they cannot separate religion from their aspiration for the Divine.
Unless one is willing to stake all, to be willing to make all the sacrifices demanded by it, one really does not get an entry into it. It remains as a peripheral interest. The Ideal is satisfying to the mind but nothing must be changed in life, in our human way of living with its light and shade. This new evolution will be accomplished by the action of a Supreme Truth Consciousness which is present now in the terrestrial atmosphere, of course in a subtle way. Its very purpose and action is to illumine and transform human ignorance and the human way of life. So by its very presence, it is exerting a tremendous pressure on the human consciousness and society.
In a practical way, its effect will be shattering to whatever man has built with his divisive mind, to the life values, vital relations and activities man holds dear and precious. As the New Consciousness will be able to dig in the earth consciousness, in the aspiring individuals, the pace of disintegration in every obscure, ignorant and selfish domain of human interest will be progressively accelerated. Man faces the fate of the dinosaurs. Of course this might take centuries. But there is no escape, either transformation or disintegration. This is true individually as well. One has to choose between humanity and the road to divinity. If the inner soul makes the decision because it feels the time has come, then by every possible pressure, it will force the outer man to realise its own aspiration.


Niranjan Guha Roy 1983