When through aspiration and by the action of the Grace one enters into a high state of consciousness, one becomes aware of the Divine who is all and beyond all.

There is nothing, no one here or elsewhere in any dimension except the Divine. One who lives in union with the divine Consciousness moves and acts according to the divine Will. He lives only for the Divine, for the fulfillment of the divine purpose in him and in the world. If he has anything personal to accomplish it is to be a fully conscious and surrendered instrument of the Divine. He does not choose his work. He has no preference for a people or a country or a civilisation. Even if he were sent to hell it wouldn’t be a hell for him for in his consciousness the hell does not exist as he sees the Divine everywhere, in all beings and things. He is aware of the eternal essential Truth of existence, the Divine. If he were living among the dinosaurs, in his consciousness it would not make the least difference for he enjoys the eternal Presence. He is not in awe in front of powerful Gods and Titans for there too he sees in them his beloved Godhead He is aware of the evolutionary purpose of the Divine. He knows it is the God unconscious of Himself moving towards God eternally and absolutely conscious, that is to say, he is absolutely certain of the divine manifestation on earth. He knows that nothing can prevent man from becoming divine for in his essential nature he is divine, unaware and forgetful of himself, of his own spiritual reality. One who lives united with the Divine in his soul is freed from all suffering. He can grieve no more for the Divine is ananda, felicity. He lives for the Divine, as an instrument of the Divine in order to awaken the hidden ananda in all things and beings around him and as he lives in union with the universal Being, his whole life is a radiation of ananda in the earth atmosphere even if it be in homeopathic doses.


Niranjan Guha Roy