Every time we think of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, we are in touch with the Source, the highest state of consciousness. It is far, far beyond our most sublime ideal of ethics and morality.

A Consciousness of absolute light and joy supports the whole creation from the worlds of gods to the darkest regions of inconscience; substance of everything, yet inviolable, inalterable, pure forever itself. It is the Mother of all worlds, all the beings holding all with equal love to Her breast, leading all towards a divine fulfillment. Our mind can hardly conceive such an ultimate supreme Divinity. We can at best think of good and bad, divine and undivine, kind and cruel. But this is our limitation, our incapacity to seize the essence of the Divine Consciousness. We have to progress towards the Divine by rejecting what we know as undivine, untrue, until we reach a summit. Only when we are on it, we become aware that there is another summit to be climbed, perhaps always. The Divine who is all, contains all, substance of all, cherishes all, must necessarily have a consciousness other than our limited consciousness which wonders why the Divine tolerates the devils, demons and the beings of darkness. Just as a dog does not see the sculpture or the beauty of the stone, it is certain that we too are congenitally incapable of seeing the divine reality in everything and everywhere.
Unless a new awakening or consciousness comes to us, we too wander blindly, hopelessly in search of an ultimate solution. We have to find the Divine, the Divine of our make, as much as we can seize of His mystery. This is the first indispensable step. Then we have to follow Him along the path of truth, good and beauty, and allow Him to impregnate our obscure consciousness with His light, power and joy. Once He has been permitted into our life, He will do the work of transformation in His absolute wisdom and at His calculated pace.
We can never become anything better than we are without the Divine intervention. So when He decides to intervene in our life, our upward destiny is irrevocably sanctioned however baffling and difficult or long may seem the journey which is to reach the whole Divine, the Divine who is all Himself, indivisible and eternal.
To be aware of nothing but the Divine forever is our destiny and goal.



Niranjan Guha Roy-1984