How can we best prepare ourselves for the descent of the Mother Divine? If we want to grow roses, what do we do? We must have a garden, not a barren or a wild land.

We cannot have any plant if there are cows and buffaloes around. The climate must be right; the people around must love flowers. Unless we put our heart and soul, and study well how to grow roses all our effort and wishful thinking will end in a disappointment.

To sell the books of the Mother to a crowd is good but is that enough? To repeat Her words to visiting souls is all right, to read out Her talks and explain to the students is interesting. To declare to the people that we are Her disciples is misleading.

Our life, mind, body and soul must belong to Her alone, all our thoughts, emotions, sensations and actions proceed from Her. When we shall be a zero, without a personal will or ambition, when we have nothing personal to acquire, no ego, no work, no personal aim to satisfy, when we rise and fall like the waves pushed by the wind, feel lost in her absence, when we possess nothing, have no home, no family, no country, nothing to call our own, when we depend entirely on Her, are satisfied with whatever She gives or takes away from us, remain faithful, grateful, full of love in whatever way She treats us and others and the world and never lose trust in Her, when we see Her in all, in every event, everywhere in all existence, none else but Herself, feel surrounded by Her alone like an ocean, hear Her in all voices, feel the earth and the universe as Her living body, when all straining, craving, even passionate yearning have ceased in an everlasting luminous unchanging felicity of her infinite Presence, then and then only we shall have roses in plenty, anywhere all the time. She will be always with we and we shall be safe and happy in Her.


Niranjan Guha Roy 1998