How can we feel absolutely secure in all circumstances, at all times, in any case?

This sense of total security, this confidence comes by an absolute surrender in love and knowledge and will to the Supreme Divine. There are many stages which progressively lead us to the state of perfect surrender. And at each stage there is a development of the consciousness which could be taken as indications, as confrmation of our spiritual progress.
As soon as there is a general state of surrender in our being to the Supreme, we become intensely and convincingly aware that only the Supreme and nobody else and nothing else in this world or in other worlds is the Lord and Master of our destiny, whose protection is inviolable. The Supreme becomes the living, infinite, omnipotent, omniscient Person, the Divine Being, our master, our friend, guide and teacher, Mother and the beloved of our soul. Nothing can destroy this relationship or even come between the Divine and ourselves and interfere in our spirituality and our work.
By a still greater perfection of self-surrender we now become aware that the Supreme, the Mother, is not only the master and protector of our destiny, but He and She, the Eternal, is the absolute master of all this manifestation. It is only his will that is executed in the universe. Whatever the individuals do or nature’s forces execute is sanctioned and permitted by his will. Everything happens within the framework of this supreme will though with our limited consciousness we may not be able to seize the immediate significance of a world movement or a major action or something which might seem even insignifcant at the time. We become aware of a mother consciousness, of a supreme wisdom which guides the destiny of the individual, the collectivity, the race, the entire earth, the universe; in fact, all manifestation with limitless love and wisdom towards a more and more perfect divine destiny. Nothing happens which is not a movement of her wisdom, a necessary step in her forward march, an inevitable link in the chain of development. Not even a blade of grass in this universe can move or tremble without her presence, power and sanction. We see Her as the overwhelming supreme power, Mahashakti, the supreme wisdom, the supreme executrix. And we discover gradually the unity of her will in all world movements, collective movements and individual movements. We also discover the unity of her purpose. She has a single purpose. To take gradually each and every element in the universe towards a more and more sublime divine fulfllment.
As the self-giving deepens and the last traces of ego disappear, a greater and greater union with the Divine is accomplished and accompanied by a greater possession of the being by the sublime powers of the divine consciousness. The vision of oneness, of absolute unity, of the one single divine Being, the Eternal, the Infnite becomes stable, permanent and the intensity of this vision grows continuously. This vision is the power of Oneness, the power of supreme Love, which knows everything as the One, as the single existence and substance and being. This supreme power of Love brings a tremendous pressure of obligation, necessity and organic need on all the elements of the universe to unite, to become one and to express the unity and the Oneness. The power of this force of Love is irresistible, invincible, its action is a decree irreversible. The results are steps leading to unity and each step is irrevocable and in the divine vision, since oneness is the very essence of manifestation, the realisation of oneness is only a playful process inevitable by the very nature of the utter truth of our existence. God vision is the vision of this utter Oneness of which the very substance is delight. The supreme Love or the power of Oneness is the supreme Delight and in the world existence, in the midst of the ignorance, its manifestation on earth will compel all the elements to unite through attraction, necessity, obligation and through conscious choice and awakening to the spiritual reality. To become the manifesting centres of this supreme power of love is the key sine-qua-non of a new creation – the divine life on earth. The divine will is the supreme law of Love, the absolute compulsion towards unity and oneness.
As our surrender attains some perfection even without coming to an absolute condition as a crowning movement, as a marvellous gift of heaven a veil is lifted from our consciousness. It is the veil of ignorance which kept hidden until now the face of Truth, in the words of Sri Aurobindo “all is now God and Sky.” The Supreme One has revealed Himself to our soul. All we see, all we feel here, perceive, seize with our thought, with the silence of our soul, all is truly a supremely conscious Being, his substance eternal, infnite. The limitless ocean of a boundless conscious Being and Existence. The veil of disfiguring names and forms, the veil of distorting feelings, sensations, thoughts and perceptions are gradually torn away from our soul. There is left the infinite ocean and ourselves as some magic drops of water in the bosom of the ocean, indivisibly one with the Ocean yet enjoying a fictive personal existence. A cell one with the body yet enjoying its boundless unity from a little corner of infnity. All is verily Brahman. Wherever we turn our eyes in all forms, in all objects, in all movements, in all events and circumstances, we meet the Eternal. We are delivered from the ignorance, the darkness and the endless suffering, once and for all. We live constantly in his presence through all, in spite of all, beyond all, until nothing is left in our consciousness which is not divine, which does not see everything as divine. We live constantly in his presence in union with the supreme Mother Consciousness and grow more and more, endlessly more and more conscious of the Divine and his unfathomable infnities. This third stage of self-surrender leading to the complete unveiling of the Divine in our consciousness has three progressive stages. In the beginning we begin to feel, perceive and truly see the Divine in each object and in each thing, in the tiniest conceivable particle of force and in the most stupendous system of universes. We see the Divine as the animating Fire, the Supreme Source in each object and being and force. In the second stage, our vision deepens. We become aware that the Divine is not only the animating Fire, the Source that inspires, sustains and gives life and forms to each object and being, but He is the constituting substance of everything, of every name and form, everything is made out of an infnite eternal divine substance of Consciousness, light and delight. We begin to feel every name and form as a fixity of a magic moment, of this eternal divine consciousness. We see nothing but the Divine in all forms and movements. Everything is mysterious yet very intimate to our being and consciousness. We are no longer haunted by separation, division, and death has no fear for us anymore. The Divine is all. Everything is in the Divine, there is no coming, there is no going. It is only a change of poise of the Divine in movement. As this perception and experience deepen on the crest of felicity, we are admitted into an unbelievable, inconceivable splendor of divine beauty, harmony and perfection. All that we have experienced before becomes dull and drab and practically a state of inconsciousness compared to this glory. Everything in existence, from the tiniest meadow flower to the most resplendent form of Godhead, takes on another light, another lustre, another fathomless effulgence and perfection. Everything becomes perfect, perfect, absolutely perfect at each instant. There is nothing more to be attained, whatever exists, whatever moves through eternity is absolutely perfect with all the hidden absoluteness manifested in all the forms. It is a succession of magnificent dawns. There is no sense of movement from inferior perfection to a superior perfection. The Divine is utterly perfect at every instant in everything. There is nothing to accomplish for He is ever fulfilled. There is only an eternal miraculous succession of absolutely perfect self-revelations. But for this God-state to be achieved, even partially, there has to be an immense transformation of our life, mind, soul and body. This state takes us away once and for all deifnitively, conclusively from the state of ignorance and division to the utter fullness of divine existence. But then when we will be there, we will perceive a goal still more mysterious and marvellous, beckoning us from the irresistible Beyond.


Niranjan Guha Roy 1975