Everything is exclusively under Her direction and control, even what seems entirely anti divine. She is within each person and everywhere at the same time, not only as the all pervading Supreme Force-Consciousness, but as a living Person,real, accessible.

The whole earth is undergoing the process of transformation illumined by the Supramental Light and consciousness, which is the Mother Herself in Her spiritual Reality. All that is dark, obscure, false, painful, violent, cruel, selfish and ugly is coming up on the surface with a terrific explosion, trying to oppose and block the incoming all conquering Divine Light and Force. The Supramental Force that is active in the earth atmosphere is so immeasurably powerful that it has to act with great care, caution and moderation. Otherwise, its pressure may crush the fragile earth and the consequence could be really apocalyptic. So the Mother of Wisdom, forever patient, is allowing the volcanoes and the hurricanes to spend themselves. Then there would be peace and harmony in the world. She is all the time in full control of the situation. She is watching that the boiling milk does not spill over. For Her the earth situation is of that trivial order. Her children are spread over Her big Ashram, often far away and separated from one another, yet united in Her love. She is intimately concerned with each one’s spiritual progress and all round development. Consciously or unconsciously everyone is working for the Divine fulfilment, for it is the Mother who is working, doing the yoga in everyone. So wherever we may be, we are always in Her Ashram, doing the work assigned to us by Her. As our love for the Mother will grow, we will feel more and more loyal, sincere and united in Her service. When we become conscious of the Omnipresent Reality of the Mother Divine, we leave behind the old world, enter the New World, the great Ashram of the Mother where She is always distributing Her love and blessings.
O Mother Divine, the whole earth is truly your Ashram. Everywhere we can be with you, receive your love, protection and guidance and serve you faithfully.

Niranjan Guha Roy 1986