I have become aware intensely of a Reality, the One,
Compact Totality where everything exists eternally, immortal,
Individual, identical, one with all in Essence, part of the One.

There is no distance, there is no death, loss of separation or barrier.
Each one is That who is the eternal actor, conscious Being in all,
Unaffected by the play, undiminished, ever pure;
Always whole and integral, in movement an unending Lila
Of self-discovery or self-manifestation in infinite roles.
This is the Permanent, the Abode of Truth, the Divine Reality,
Beyond the clasp of time, division and suffering.
Even time and space have a completely different significance.
Through any point in space, one emerges into Infinity,
The point itself being infinite.
The whole of Infinity too is a point.
The past extends in a huge retrograde movement
And emerges into the future,
The same as the future curves into the past
Through an immeasurable movement in time.
The present is an eternal unfading immobile scene of action
Of a Vast Infinite Eternal Consciousness of Being.

Any point in space or time bends through infinitudes back to itself
Which is no other than the totality of Existence compact
Whole, indivisible, inconceivable, gathered in a sense of intimacy with all
Forever living nearer than nearness itself, inherent, spontaneous, unified,
Indistinguishable from oneself, the observer and the object of perception
Forming a single entity and movement.

It is a Seed, yet the Tree, the Ocean yet the stray droplet of Water,
The Ray yet the whole Sun, one single million-hued Felicity
Inaccessible to the words yet a luminously vibrant
And living Existence of unfathomable joy and mystery.
That, That alone is the Reality.
Falsehood, darkness, ignorance, suffering
Are mystic luminous raiments of magic colors
Imparting a soul seizing beauty to the Eternal Player,
Child, the Priestess, the Dancer of fire; dance of Rapture.

To Thee, O mysterious Presence, our heart’s gratitude.


Niranjan Guha Roy 1967